(adopted by unanimity)


Staff of the General Secretariat of the Council, at their General Meeting held on

15 October 2012,

Recalling the resolution of the General Meeting of 2 October 2012,

INSIST once again on staff representatives being fully involved in the negotiations to amend the Staff Regulations (tetralogue);

CANNOT ACCEPT the European Council meeting on 22 and 23 November setting a ceiling for Heading V of the multiannual financial framework lower than that proposed by the Commission, resulting in the paralysis of the European institutions;

DECIDE on a two days of strike action, on 8 November 2012 and 16 November 2012, in support of the two preceding demands;

DECIDE also to hold a further General Meeting in the days following 8 November to decide on further actions if no guarantees are given;

AGREE that the trade unions may suspend the strike and immediately call staff to a General Meeting if the President of the European Council gives guarantees that the ceiling of Heading V will not be reduced;

ASK the Commission to defend its proposal for the financial framework by signalling that it is ready to withdraw it should it be denatured;

CALL on the staff of all institutions to show their solidarity by joining in the action taken at the General Secretariat of the Council.