Reform - update

Reading through the opinions of 2 of the EP committees concerned, there seems to be a substantial gap between the (emerging) position of the EP, and the evident position of many member states. Agreement between these 2 institutions at first reading seems increasingly unlikely. Indeed, failure to reach a conciliated position is becoming one of the likely outcomes. Efforts to find consensus seem unlikely to succeed, but a review (by these 2 institutions) of the "package" may be carried out. Currently, the trade-off elements of the "package" are: we give 5% headcount reduction and increase in working hours; and in return we get to keep (fundamentals of our) pension system, promotion rates and expat allowance. EP appears not to support the 5% headcount cut (increased workload under Lisbon etc.). Question now arising is, if we don't get to sell the 5% headcount cut, what other element of our employment package will be cut - pensions, promotions or expat allowance (amongst others)?

TAO-AFI will keep you informed.