REFORM: Latest info

TAO-AFI has reviewed how the institutions are progressing on the Reform.


Here are the results:




The Council is preparing a report to be presented at the meeting of the General Affairs Council on 28 June.


It only seems to agree with the Commission's proposal on two points, flexitime and the need for greater transparency of administrative acts. On careers and pensions, a debate will take place during June. The Council is in favour of a "Method" of adjusting wages but does not like the Commission's proposal and will request changes. It would agree to increase the duration of contracts for Contract Agents (CA) from 3 to 5 years (not six years as proposed by the Commission). The Council is against internal competitions for CA as it is concerned that these would worsen the geographical balance. It would like to insert a clause for a further revision of the Statute in 2018, but this is legally impossible because only the Commission is empowered to make proposals, not the Council.




Amendments to the Commission proposal were voted by the JURI Committee in late April (rapporteur:

Mrs Roth-Behrendt). The following document summarises the EP amendments:


A date for the report to be approved by the Parliament has not yet been set.




Following the parliamentary vote, the Commission will meet in the coming weeks to consider the EP amendments pending an official position of the Council.


On transitional arrangements for current Contract Agents as a whole, the Commission does not feel to be in a position to decide until the final political decision on the duration of fixed-term contracts as there is no juridical basis. The same applies to the possibility to participate in internal competitions.


However Mr Šefčovič has informed us that measures may already be set up for these agents, particularly to facilitate the search for a contract in another institution, to maintain CAST lists open, to ease the formalities for re-employment after the reform of the Staff Regulations and to remind the services that the overall budget envelope can also be used to finance interim contracts in compliance with national provisions.


The Commission is reflecting upon the timing and modalities for organising internal competitions for staff recruited after 2004.Various factors must be taken into account, including which grades and job profiles should be opened for competitions as well as the grades and experience required to participate. The conclusions of this technical review will be communicated to us after the summer with the aim of organising competitions in 2013.

Parliament (at committee level) backs general principles of Commission's proposal for reform (yesterday's vote in JURI). Similar vote in plenary expected before summer break. This in contrast to reported positions of Member States in Council. Substantial compromises needed for any agreement. Unclear whether the trilogue offers sufficient scope for this. As the expiry of the special crisis level approaches (31/12/2012), Member States likely to focus on that. Particularly, if Commission maintains its 5% headcount cut (no changes to Staff Regulations needed for that), and increase in working hours (equally, no changes to Staff Regs needed).