TAO-AFI continues to inform you about developments on the proposed reform launched by the Commission.



1.    The EP, in contrast to earlier indications, will not vote in June on the report by MEP Roth-Behrend concerning the Commission's proposal to reform our Staff Regulation. This in order to avoid giving a basis on which the Council could radically alter the reform proposal. The EP seems to be exploring grounds for agreement with the Council in order that the reform proposal could pass on first reading.


 2.    The Council appears to have proposed to the Member States budget cuts in the functioning of the Union without waiting for negotiations and the end of the legislative process (co-decision). One way of putting the cart before the horse. This in a document on the Financial Perspectives 2014-2020 (see attachment, page 34)


3.      Cypriot presidency (July 1 to December 31) to continue these negotiations July.



TAO-AFI, through its contacts in the Council and EP, follows and intervenes at every step of the legislative process of the new   reform. This is also why we ask you to vote for us on 12, 13 or 14 June.