"DG HR's proposals to make it less unattractive to fonctionnaires and contract agents to be transferred from the Commission to an agency"



As part of the EU Budget MFF negotiations, the institutions are thinking of ways to reduce the Heading 5 Staff costs.


One way is to move staff costs out of Heading 5 into different parts of the EU Budget where they would not be counted as Heading 5 staff costs.


This could for instance be achieved by moving fonctionnaires and CAs into agencies.


However this is an unattractive prospect for many staff.


DG HR has therefore come up with some proposals on how to make this less unattractive. You will find herewith attached this working document.


This Document includes a number of proposals concerning inter alia working conditions and career perspectives aiming supposedly to improve the attractiveness of executive agencies.


TAO-AFI will be attending a meeting with DG HR to discuss these proposals very soon.


Given the importance of the issue in question, we would like to invite you to read DG HR's ideas and give your opinions and comments to us as soon as possible so that we can represent you at the meeting.