In December 2011, the Commission presented its proposals for the reform of the Staff Regulations with the aim of making a saving of one billion euros over the seven years of the next financial framework. The communication to the Council and the European Parliament proposed, amongst other things:


·        a 5% reduction of staff over 7 years ;

·        the creation of a new category of low-cost secretaries;

·        the reduction of the annual home travel;

·        the introduction of blockages to AST careers ;

·        an increase in the crisis levy.


With this initiative, the Commission thought (erroneously) that it might be able to head off proposals for even worse changes. But now a significant group of 8 member states (UK, DE, NL, FR, DK, AUT, FIN, SE) has officially requested:


·        a much larger staff reduction, even to the point of redundancies (Art. 41 of the Staff Regs) ;

·        a significant reduction in career prospects for all staff ;

·        Lower pensions by reducing the present 1.9%/year accumulation rate still further.


If these proposals would succeed, the effects on the proper functioning of the European institutions would be grave. European careers, which already suffered in the 2004 Reform, would lose much of their attraction at the very time when new responsibilities are being given to the Commission.


A crucial moment for the reform will come in November at the Council Summit on the Multi-Annual Financial Framework 2014-2020.


The signs are that there will be a conflict with the Council. TAO-AFI requests you to prepare yourself for a general mobilisation in the coming months and requests the Commission to withdraw its proposal if it is denatured by the Council.