Overtime pay for AST1 – AST4 grades,

and corresponding Contract Agents


Some DGs are restricting recuperation of overtime. They do this by limiting the number of hours that may be recuperated under the flexi-time arrangements (maximum 2 days per month).


If you are an AST at grade 1, 2, 3 or 4, and not able to recuperate your overtime by taking time off under the flexi-time arrangements, then you are entitled to financial compensation.


As a Contract Agent, the same rules apply by analogy.


In particular,


Article 56 of the Staff Regulations refers:


As provided for in Annex VI, overtime worked by officials in grade AST 1 to AST 4 shall entitle them either to compensatory leave or to remuneration where the requirements of the service do not allow compensatory leave during the month following that in which the overtime was worked.


Article 1 of Annex VI refers:


Where the requirements of the service do not permit compensatory leave to be taken during the month following that during which the overtime was worked, the appointing authority shall authorise remuneration for uncompensated hours of overtime at the rate of 0.56% of the monthly basic salary for each hour of overtime on the basis set out in subparagraph (a).


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