Externalisation and the magician

 Externalisation of Commission work is a major element in the MFF (Multiannual Financial Framework for the years 2014-2020).

 Just taking Horizon2020, 2/3rds of the work is planned to be externalised. 

How will the Commission deliver? How will this affect you?

Not happy to wait for a Commission-wide approach, Director-General Madelin can't miss this chance to put his own ideas in place. Inspired by his own "Madelin Report of 2008", he is now beginning the dismantlement of the European Public Service by reforming DG INFSO – he even is considering a new name for his DG. Maybe DG OUTfso might be appropriate? 

So, what did the Magician put forward in his 2008 report?

•           To shift the ratio of temporary to permanent staff from the current 1:4 towards 3:1.

           Reduce the number of assistants

•           Shift towards greater relative use of temporary staff at AST level.

•           The selection of temporary staff should be at the level of the DGs, and not centrally

•           Motivate specialist staff through exceptional financial incentives

 What is he considering for OUTfso?

Radical headcount cut in the DG by sending staff out to a new "office" and "agency". The idea here is for the "office" and "agency" to move towards the staff profiles of existing "offices" and "agencies" i.e. to replace officials by temporary staff.

Not content with implementing his own radical reforms of 2008, the Magician has come up with some bright new ideas that he calls "market-making". Basically, he wants to set OUTfso's research objectives by creating a market within the DG...

TAO-AFI calls on President Barroso and Vice-President Šefčovič to work on a sensible and coherent policy for implementing the MFF. One in which the integrity of the European Public Service is respected.