DG HR's broken promises



We are aware of the inter-service consultation that the Commission has launched (Communication on the Delegation of the Management  of the 2014-2020 Programs to Executive Agencies) in which it presents the agencies as a success story and proposes to strengthen their attractiveness for Commission staff.

We are concerned by the total lack of transparency with which the DG HR presents the entire package "attractiveness of the executive agencies": the latest social dialogue on this subject was held in March, and so far no other meeting is planned. Meanwhile, decisions are taken behind closed doors, without the participation of those whose futures are directly concerned.

It is a lamentable practice, which affects both the staff already in agencies and those liable for transfer. This is clearly bad news for the entire staff, including"middle management".

We call on DG HR to resume dialogue as soon as possible. Working arrangements must be founded on transparency and mutual trust, not by imposition.