Works at the European kindergarten

in Uccle


The renovation of the European kindergarten building "Fabiola" in Uccle has been planned for September 2012 by the "Régie des bâtiments". The works will finally put this building into conformity with current requirements for heating, hygiene and so on. The construction period is not yet known since a study will determine if Fabiola will be renovated or reconstructed. Currently, more than 450 students occupy it. As it will not be possible to keep them in Uccle during the works, the renovation will entail the transfer of at least 2  sections to the Berkendael school.

Parents are raising a large number of questions about the impact of these works on their children. TAO-AFI remains vigilant to ensure that the interest of children and parents is well respected in the planning process works and the transfer of classes. TAO-AFI places particular emphasis on the following:

  • Allocation of specific financial resources should be made by the European

Commission and the Belgian State to finance the extraordinary expenses related to the transfer.

  • Additional costs should not be supported by parents.
  • Transfer should be temporary (just during the construction period). Afterwards

            students should return automatically to Uccle.

  • The teaching quality of transferred classes should not decrease as a consequence of the move.
  • Changes in the transport organization must take into account the interest of children.
  • Quality of canteen services and child care should not be affected.
  • The choice of classes to be transferred should take into account the interests of


  • Safety rules must be respected to protect children staying on Uccle site during works.


A steering group made of school administrators, parent representatives and ASBL services will meet regularly. TAO-AFI will continue to be vigilant to protect your interests and keep you informed of developments on this matter.