School failure

The European Ombudsman ruled in favor of TAO-AFI, who had lodged a complaint against the Commission. He criticized the institution which failed properly to respond to the request of our association of carrying out an independent external audit on the European Schools. He qualified this as an instance of maladministration.  

Despite the substantial financial contribution given to these schools by the Commission, no study has been made
​​since their creation on the quality of education. The request of TAO-AFI, originated by a group of parents, was based on the observation of a high failure rate in some sections (especially in the French section) and in certain subjects (especially sciences) in secondary schools of Brussels and Luxembourg.

This decision was transmitted to the Committee on Culture and Education and the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament. Recently, this institution had made a similar request to the Commission (report Cavada, 2011).

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Decisionn  of the EUR OMBUDSMAN 0814-2010-JF-S2012-153059.pdf