Promotion lists have been published

Should you appeal?


The promotion lists were published on 18th June 2012, showing how the quotas of promotions allocated by DG HR to each DG were used to distribute promotions among the staff. If you do not find your name on the promotion list, you have 5 working days to decide whether to make an appeal.

The table shows the time an official who has “demonstrated the expected merit” should spend in each grade:

Seniority in grade

Your present grade





3 years

AD5 - AD8




4 years

AD9 - AD12




4 years and a half





5 years


AST9 - AST10



10 years






When deciding whether to appeal, here are some points that you might wish to consider:

If you are within 5 or fewer points of last year’s threshold or if you have reached or exceeded the number of years in the table, you should introduce an appeal.

Do your appraisal reports for this and previous years in your grade give strong reasons why you could expect promotion this year?

The Reform might introduce rule changes next year which would severely reduce your promotion prospects if you are in grade AST9 and similar changes might be introduced to other AST and AD grades, so this year could be your last chance to be promoted.

A full explanation of how the promotion quotas have been calculated and allocated to DGs has not been published by DG HR, despite requests for transparency. Until DG HR provide staff with a clear explanation, we can only wonder about a number of unexplained inconsistencies compared to the Staff Regulations, which risk to have reduced the numbers of promotions of staff of the expected merit in each grade:

·         The Annex 1B promotion rates have not been followed on either an annual or five-year average basis

·         The populations used to calculate promotion quotas should include all staff in the grade, not just promotable staff

·         The reference date for the populations of each grade should be 1st January, not 2nd April

·         It is unclear whether or not staff with less than two year of seniority should be "excluded from the promotion exercise."

You may therefore have just missed out on a promotion if the quota for your grade has not been calculated in compliance with the Staff Regulations.

If in doubt, you should conserve your rights by submitting an appeal, because the Joint Promotion Committee is only allowed to consider additional promotions from amongst those staff who have made an appeal.

For additional advice, please contact TAO-AFI.