Your DG’s promotion list


You will soon see in Sysper2 whether you have been proposed for a promotion this year or not.


Your DG has compiled a list by grade of the people it wants to promote this year. These lists account for 95% of the Commission’s budgetary possibilities for promotion for this year. The Joint Promotion Committees will select the other 5% amongst those who will have introduced an appeal for promotion within 5 working days from the date of publication of the list.


If your DG does not propose to promote you this year and you have reached or exceeded the number of years stipulated by Annex 1B of the Staff Regulations for your grade (see table below), and your rucksack had placed you at a distance of 6 points or more from last year’s threshold, you should introduce an appeal.








3 years

AD5 - AD8




4 years

AD9 - AD12




4 and a half years





5 years


AST9 - AST10



10 years






Your appeal will be examined by the Joint Promotion Committees, and since the annual number of promotions these last few years has been approximately 5 000 persons, 5% represents approximately 250 persons, all categories and grades combined, i.e. about six persons per 500-person DG.


The fact that the Joint Promotion Committees have an equal number of representatives from the administration and from the staff means that the agreement of both sides is required before someone is selected, however worthy the appeal is considered to be by one of the sides.

If you have spent fewer years in your present grade than indicated in the above table but you are promotable, you have the right to introduce an appeal, but you should be aware that, having selected nearly all the people who had a reasonable expectation of promotion this year, the DGs then added a number of people who appear in the lists instead of you. Some of these may have the same seniority as you, some are benefitting from a rapid promotion, and others are chosen to speed up a slow career in spite of their small rucksack. The Joint Promotion Committees are unlikely to select you. Nevertheless, your appeal would show your dissatisfaction at the lack of transparency in the selection process.


If you are in the unfortunate situation of being within 5 or fewer points from last year’s threshold and you are not proposed for promotion, by all means introduce an appeal but your DG or DG HR have deliberately excluded you. You should contact the personnel Unit of your DG to discover why.


The DGs were delighted at the tiny number of people who rejected their evaluation and asked for a dialogue with their Director. The greater the number of appeals for promotion, the more the DGs will realise that the staff do not approve of this new evaluation / promotion system and that the staff find the lack of transparency in the promotion procedure unacceptable.

No appeals = no change to the promotion procedure.

So, if you are promotable and you are not being promoted this year, submit an appeal.

If you need any other advice, please contact TAO-AFI (list 8).