Further details about promotion quotas

Admin Notice N° 10-2012 / 30.04.2012[1] launching the 2012 promotion exercise states: "Annex 1B of the Staff Regulations defines targets in terms of the promotions to be achieved on average over 5 years, per grade" and "Calculation of promotion possibilities by DG/grade : Technical work by DG HR, based on population on 2 April 2012"

The "General Provisions for Implementing Art. 45 of the Staff Regulations, 14.11.2011, C(2011) 8190 final"[2] do not specify how the promotion quotas are calculated. Instead, the "Grandes lignes" document "General outlines of the draft proposal for new appraisal and promotion systems to be introduced from the 2012 exercise"[3] states "For reasons of flexibility and possible adjustments over time, the methodology for setting promotion quotas, which is not in itself liable to create entitlements, has not been included in the general implementing provisions" and goes on to say "All officials take part in the appraisal exercise, but only eligible officials take part in the promotion exercise. For example, officials with less than two years’ seniority in their grade will be excluded from the promotion exercise."


This appears to imply that only promotable staff are included in the populations used to calculate the promotion quotas whereas according to the Staff Regulations, Art 6.2, "the number of vacant positions at every grade of the establishment plan on 1 January of each year corresponds to the number of officials in the lower grade in active employment on 1 January of the preceding year, multiplied by the rates laid down in Annex I, point B, for that grade." Note that Art. 6.2 also states that the Annex 1B promotion rates should be used directly as multiplying factors rather than being converted into lengths of time to be spent in each grade.