The Human Resources DG recently communicated to your DG its promotion quotas for each grade. It calculated them by taking into account all of the persons within 5 points or less of the threshold of promotion in 2011, and of the number and the seniority of the persons in the grade in the DG at the beginning of April 2012. These quotas account for 95% of the Commission’s possibilities for promotion for this year. The Promotion Committees will select the other 5%.

Your DG will prepare a list of persons it wants to promote this year. This information will normally be available in SYSPER 2 on 18 June and you will be informed.

However, this is a project since the list will be validated by the Promotion Committee and thereafter by AIPN.

This year, for the last time, priority for promotion will be given to the points in the rucksack.

Those whose rucksack had placed them within 5 points of last year’s threshold should appear on their DG’s list[1].

If your name does not appear on the list and you are promotable (in the grade since before December 31, 2010), you have the right to introduce an appeal for promotion. It will be examined by the Promotion Committees, which have an equal number of representatives from the administration and from the staff. Since the annual number of promotions these last few years has been approximately 5 000 persons, 5% represents approximately 250 persons, all categories and grades combined (i.e. only a few AD and AST per DG).

Nevertheless, if your rucksack had placed you at a distance of 6, 7, or 8 points from the fixed threshold last year, for example,

 - you are AST1, AST2, AST3, AST4, AD5, AD6, AD7, or AD8 and you have 10, 11 or 12 points,

 - you are AST2/C, AST3/C, AST5, AST6, AST7, AST8, AD9, AD10 or AD11 and you have 16, 17, or 18 points,

 - you are AST3/D, AST4/C, or AST5/C and you have 19, 20, or 21 points,

 - you are AST9 and you have 22, 23, or 24 points,

and 2012 is the year you would normally expect to be promoted according to the promotion rates in the Staff regulations[2], then you can introduce an appeal for a promotion, with a reasonable chance of being chosen within the limit of 5% of those promoted. 

If you are in a grade whose threshold was not fixed, for example one of the old end of career grades (AST10, AD12, AD13), other criteria may be taken into account, as they will be for all grades starting next year; for example seniority in the grade and the history of the points received.

You can defend your case before the publication of the list by contacting the Central Staff Committee ( which will meet all directors general to discuss promotion proposals.

Here below an indicative calendar of the promotion procedure :




From 2 May

Consultation of Reporting Officers

Directors consult Reporting Officers.

By 21 May

Comparison of merits

Senior management meetings to discuss staff to be proposed for promotion.

By 1 June

Discussion with staff representatives

Each Director-General discusses their proposals for promotions with a delegation appointed by Central Staff Committee.

18 June


Proposals communicated to staff and sent to Joint Promotion Committee

The list of officials proposed for promotion by the Directorates-General is accessible via the Sysper2 promotion file.

25 June

Deadline for staff to make an appeal against non-promotion

Jobholders have 5 working days starting from the date of communication of the promotion proposals. The deadline is suspended if and for as long as the jobholder is unable to use Sysper2 (for example, for reasons of annual leave or sick leave).

early September

Joint Promotion Committee Preparatory groups

The preparatory groups for the AD and AST Joint Promotion Committees examine separately the staff eligible for promotion, grade by grade. They examine the appeals and prepare the final draft list of proposed promotions.


Joint Promotion Committees

The AD and AST Joint Promotion Committees meet to examine the recommendations of their working groups and to make final recommendations to the Appointing Authority.


Promotion decisions

The Appointing Authority adopts the list of officials promoted.


Promotions paid

Promotions reflected in November payslip.


[1]If your rucksack places you 5 points or fewer from your grades’ 2011 threshold and your name does not appear in your DG’s promotion list, you should consult your DG’s personnel Unit. If you do not accept, or do not obtain, the justification given by your DG to DG HR in order not to promote you, you can introduce an appeal for promotion


[2]The number of years most people can expect to spend in a grade can be obtained by dividing last year’s threshold by six; e.g. the threshold for grade AD5 was 18, so the number of years in grade AD5 for most people: 18/6 = 3