The results of this year's promotion exercise have just been published in Administrative Notice IA N° 27-2012,26-10-2012 on Intracomm at :


and the promotion list is at :

http://myintracomm.ec.europa.eu/infoadm/en/2012/Restricted/ia12027_annexe.pdf .


Unfortunately, as in previous years, the full statistics have not been published so it is not possible to make a full analysis but some worrying trends are already apparent:


The Admin Notice admits that in 2012 only "5,263 officials have been promoted (5,832 in 2011), which corresponds to an average promotion rate of 25%". But the promotion rate in many entry grades is 33% which should therefore result in an average promotion rate much higher than 25%. The numbers of promotions in many grades are therefore significantly below what they ought to be to meet the promotion rates specified in the Staff Regulations on an annual or 5-year average basis, and as promised in the Kallas/Šefčovič guarantees.


This means continuing severe career delays in many AST and AD grades, most notably in the post-2004 recruitment grades and in the end-of-career grades.


If you compare with the promotion list of 2010 you will find the names of staff with no more than 2 years of seniority who are already again on this year's promotion list. By definition, many of them must have been further than 12 points away from the threshold. The new freedom introduced by the abolition of points and thresholds has thus been exploited to sweep aside the old limits of 8% of Performance Level 1A (10-12 points) and 22% of 1B (7-9 points) and introduce more fast careers.


Every fast career promotion takes away a promotion from normal hard-working staff who suffer an extra year of career delay. This makes it impossible to meet the Kallas / Šefčovič guarantees of career progression for normal staff.


And if you look in Sysper2 at your appeal or promotion file to find any explanation, you will find nothing but a bland statement.


Can we have any trust in the way that careers, appraisals, promotions and appeals are managed?


TAO-AFI was always opposed to the change to remove points from the promotion system in view of the danger to normal careers. Now we can all see the danger was real. We are ready to listen to your comments and suggestions.