Tan Yu

I am currently a research scientist in Cognitive Computing Lab, Baidu Research, Seattle, led by Dr. Li Ping.

Before that, I completed my PhD study in Nanyang Technological University under the supervision of Professor Junsong Yuan. During that period, I completed a deep learning research internship in Snapchat Research, working with Dr. Zhou Ren, Dr. Yuncheng Li, Dr. En-Hsu Yen and Dr. Ning Xu and a deep learning research intern in Adobe Research, with Dr. Chen Fang and Dr. Hailin Jin.

You can find my latest CV here.

Research Interest

Large-scale Image/Video Search, 3D Object Recognition, Action Recognition/Detection.

Selected Publications

Tan Yu, Zhou Ren, Yuncheng Li, Enxu Yan, Ning Xu, Junsong Yuan, Temporal Structure Mining for Weakly Supervised Action Detection, ICCV'19

Tan Yu, Junsong Yuan, Chen Fang, and Hailin Jin, Product Quantization Network for Fast Image Retrieval, ECCV'18

Tan Yu, Jingjing Meng, and Junsong Yuan, Multi-view Harmonized Bilinear Network for 3D Object Recognition, CVPR'18(Spotlight)

Tan Yu, Zhenzhen Wang, and Junsong Yuan, Compressive Quantization for Fast Object Instance Search in Videos, ICCV'17

Tan Yu, Yuwei Wu, and Junsong Yuan, HOPE: Hierarchical Object Prototype Encoding for Efficient Object Instance Search in Videos, CVPR'17

Tan Yu, Jingling Meng, and Junsong Yuan, Is My Object in This Video? Reconstruction-based Object Search in Video, IJCAI'17 Codes Features

Tan Yu, Yuwei Wu, Das Bhattacharjee Sreyasee, and Junsong Yuan, Efficient Object Instance Search Using Fuzzy Object Matching, AAAI'17

Professional Services

I am a reviewer for several CV conferences and journals, CVPR, ICCV, IJCAI, WACV, ICME, ICIP, TIP, TCSVT, TMM.