Associate Professor of Anthropology @ Middle Tennessee State University

Included here are links to the various archaeology courses I teach, my research projects (both current and past), my accomplishments as a scholar of the past, and various other entities I think are worthy of your time. Please email me if you have any questions or suggestions!


I am an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Middle Tennessee State University
I teach courses for the General Education program, the Anthropology major, and the Interdisciplinary Minor in Archaeology.

ANTH 2210: World Prehistory                                      
ANTH 3210: Archaeology
ANTH 3710: Archaeology of Scotland
ANTH 4360: Zooarchaeology
ANTH 4620: Environmental Archaeology
ANTH 4520: Southeastern US Archaeology
ANTH 4620: Environmental Archaeology
ANTH 4950: Archaeological Field School

Please see my page for links to publications.

Current Research Projects and Interests

Past Research Projects


Archaeology Organizations 

Executive Officer I, 2011-2013
Member since 1994

Member since 2006
Executive Board Member, 2011-2012
President Elect, 2012-2013
President, 2013-2014

Member since 1997
Dienje Kenyon Fellowship Committee, 2010-2012

Other Professional Organizations

Member since 2006
Ruth Houston Memorial Scholarship Committee, 2007-2012
Branch President, 2012-2015