Tonći Antunović

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From 07/2012 till 06/2015 I was a Hedrick Assistant Adjunct Professor in the Department of Mathematics at UCLA. I received my PhD in mathematics from UC Berkeley and was advised by Sourav Chatterjee and Yuval Peres. My research interests are probability theory and stochastic processes. I did my undergraduate studies in the Math Department at University of Zagreb.

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  2. On the evolution in the configuration model, submitted.

  3. Coexistence in preferential attachment networks (with Elchanan Mossel and Miklos Racz), submitted.

  4. Permanents of heavy-tailed random matrices with positive elements, submitted.

  5. Competing first passage percolation on random regular graphs (with Yael Dekel, Elchanan Mossel and Yuval Peres), submitted.

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Neural network reinforcement learning for an avoidance game
A neural network learning to play a game evolving as a stationary Markov process via local dynamic programming (reinforcement learning) and stochastic gradient descent. See video for the purpose and the report.

Teaching at UCLA:

  • Math 31A (Fall 2013)
  • Math 33B (Winter 2013)
  • Math 170A (Fall 2012, Winter 2015)
  • Math 170B (Winter 2013, Spring 2013, Winter 2014, Fall 2014, Spring 2015)
  • Math 171 (Spring 2014, Spring 2015)
  • Math 275A (Fall 2013)

Previous teaching (at UC Berkeley):