Participants, students, academics, professionals, the media and the public at large may want answers to these questions and deserve to learn more about true Tantra Psychology.


These are some worthwhile questions we've been asked and are prepared to answer.

  • How does Tantra Psychology correlate with everday life? 
  • How does Tantra Psychology compare with Mindfulness meditation, Transcendental meditation [TM], Taoism, prayer, or NeuroLinguistic Programming? 
  • What is it that Tantra does that other paths do not?
  • If I pay enough cash for a mantra, will meditation bring about more or better results?  ... improve my business?
  • I paid good hard cash for my mantra, been using it for months, when can I expect to get a return on my investment?
  • Contemporary psychology [Western] provides counseling and expects results through dialog alone.  What more does or can Tantra Psychology provide to further greater fulfillment in the lives of its practitioners?
  • Tantra?  That has to do with sex, right?  Then what is Tantra Psychology, thinking about sex all the time?  I do that already!  What is Tantra Psychology, really?
  • Yoga postures:  is it possible to do them wrongly while doing them correctly?
  • Peace, harmony, deeper relaxation, deeper breaths, less stress and a fit body:  that's what yoga is about, right, and what about Tantra Psychology? 
  • Tantra and yoga are about liberation, right?  Then how long before I get liberation do I have to meditate?  Years?  Lifetimes?  Yikes! 
  •  Is all that twisting around in pretzel poses really necessary to grow, become a better person or even acheive liberation?  Why yoga postures anyway?
  •  Do you practice yoga, i.e. the postures [asanas], meditation, intuitional science?  Are your instructors really true, or truly predators?


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