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Quantum Psyche ~ Giving Greater Mind

Intuition, sixth sense, siddhis, or otherwise known as
'psychic abilities' are latent in all of us and can
enrich our lives enormously when tapped, whether during
an emergency or through regular intuitional practices.
Intuition draws information from the unconscious,
'superconscious mind', or 'causal realm' to the
consciously aware realm of mind more familiar to us in
daily life. Doing so, one can spontaneously know and
understand what would otherwise have passed us by
unnoticed or seemed too difficult to comprehend as the
subconscious mind and, even more so, the unconscious mind
are far vaster than the conscious mind can ever be.  

 Across the many cultures, time, places and practices,
core elementary factors constitute all intuitional
capabilities, in much the same way as there have been
and are many styles of architecture while physics
remains constant across all architectural styles.
Similarly, Tantra has individuated the essential
factors that constitute metaphysics which we will
demonstrate at this easy to understand FREE discussion
of how these intuitional skills, inherent to
shamanism, can positively affect your life and the
lives of your loved ones. 

Cultivating these intuitional skills consciously helps
make it easier for us to make decisions, improve
relationships, heal ones self and others, and achieve
success in all areas of life.  Is there a place in your
life for such skills?  Are you aware of how easy such
skills are to cultivate and how rewarding they are in
developing more loving relationships and serving humanity
in any and every realm?

Whatever changes you foresee for the planet, your life,
your family, your career, these skills will help you
prepare for, maximize opportunities for, and further your
success in every realm of life.

For many thousands of years humans have questioned,
explored, discovered and cultivate intuitional practices
that have furthered their lives in every realm, most
especially spiritually, whether a deity was involved in
the practice or not.  From such scientific
experimentation has evolved the contemporary science of
Tantra.  Whether liberation is your goal today or you are
putting that off to a future incarnation, intuition can,
and must, play a role in furthering your evolution as a
happily fulfilled person from now through old age, for
yourself and those you love.

We will discuss Tantra's easy to understand principles
and practices and show how you too can make these skills
part of your life or help you further cultivate extant
intuitional skills within you.

Tantra is an intuitional science, not a sect and nothing to join.


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