Longevity and Virility

Keeping it Up and Active with a Sparkling Mind and Glowing Heart 

an experiential workshop of Tantrika Techniques

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Saturday, December 19, 2009 in West Los Angeles  11:00AM to Noon

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Throughout millenia some humans have been able to live long lives, longer than their contemporaries and quite often much healthier than most of those a bit younger than themselves.  Contemporary allopathic medicine claims much of such capabilities have to do with genetics, with DNA, though the ancient practices of yogis, tantrikas and shamans around the world speak of, and demonstrate, diet and specific practices that make for a more rewarding and longer life, including breath, focused ideation, psychic challenges and nonindulgence in life-debilitating practices that hasten others' demise.  You will be better informed to prevent such depletions and capture greater vitality from the Universe in fulfilling your life, and love. 

Explore and Replenish Your Vital Essence

This workshop will show how micro-depletions are expending vital energies from men's bodies and throwing off life-fulfilling years from our lives.  We'll explore these through exercises demonstrating such spillage to practitioners and how to seal such energy drains from further depletion.  Breathing exercises that can brighten, and enlighten, your whole day and movements that will sparkle your mind -- much further than petro-pharmaceutical will ever do -- are covered, things you can do any time for the rest of your life to refresh your mind, your body and prepare you for greater experiences in sharing your love and life with others. 

Register for Upcoming Event

December 19, 2009 in West Los Angeles  11:00 AM to Noon  

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Extended life and create magnificent virility,

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