About Satyananda
Your Guide for this Excursion into Subtler Realms

Satyananda is an enterprising yogi, a social entrepreneur, copywriter, editor, and publicist.  He teaches people of all ages the subtle intuitional science of the ancient and modernized Tantra, and assists people and enterprises in developing and articulating their message with more savvy and panache and works to positively affect their career growth, organizational development and indeed their bottom line through relationship building on both broad and more personal scales through intuitional science.

Satyananda teaches Tantra Psychology and alternative economics integrating localized sustainability and social-political leadership rooted in cardinal human principles and NeoHumanism known as the Progressive Utilization Theory or PROUT [http://PROUT.Latest-Info.com]. 

As a yogi and publicist he coordinates research of intuitional science, integrating allopathic laboratory science, demonstrating the efficacy of meditation and related yogic practices from many disciplines and how these practices can proactively facilitate more progressive and rapid evolution of humanity in both personal and collective life.