Tantra Psychology 
Tantra actualizes human beings and paves the way for their emancipation from the bondages of staticity. 

Tantrika practice is 98% experiential, only 2% theoretical, in contrast to the speculative wonderments and proclamations found in sectarian texts rooted in the limited, and sometimes nefarious imaginations of their authors.  

 Whatever may have brought forth the universe and its current status and dynamism, it's continuity is retraceable to the subtlest origins and upon that discovery life begins anew for the explorer of these causal realms of existence -- for the explorer, for their loved ones and the universe at large.  Ensconcing ourselves in these subtler realms liberates us and adds value to what and how we may offer far greater contributions to the world and preserve living beings and posterity while doing so more justly.

Classes and discussion group are available to learn more about developing intuition through Tantra's sahaj practices, how to reach greater thresholds in learning capabilities for people of all ages, and the implications Tantra can have on human evolution, how it can influence a more progressive and vital momentum towards a more sublime future, bereft of sectism and dogma.

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 Tantra is an intuitional science, not a sect and no cult to join