BACKFLOW TESTING,  Repairs and Installation
Rates for City of Houston, Pasadena, and SugarLand,   
Contact INFO.    Tan Phan        832.526.2911
                          6701 Sands Point Dr #24
                                          Houston, TX. 77074          
Will service backflows from Conroe to Galveston, call for rates               
                                                                                                                                                                                   832.526.2911     License and Insured  T-N-T Plumbing
     1              backflow  test   =  80.00 each   
     2              backflows test   = 75.00 each
     3              backflows test   = 65.00 each
     4              backflows test   = 60.00each
     5              backflows test   = 55.00each
     6              backfows test    = 50.00 each
     7              backflows test   = 45.00 each                           
     8 -10        backflow test     = 35.00 each
    12+           backflow test     = 30.00 each
    I only service backflows from 1/2 to 2" .
     *All backflow installations comes with a  Lifetime warranty+ Parts and Labor   
   If tested annually, with no lapse period for warranty to apply
    Call me for the complete warranty coverage.  832.526.2911     
*   "TestingLifetime parts and labor for any backflow from 1/2 up to 2", if and only these conditions are met.
  1) Backflow must pass the first inital test, so basically when I perform the second annual test, the warranty is in effect
  2) Must be tested annually with no lapse period for warranty to apply
  3) Lifetime warranty only covers from the inlet of the backflow and at stops at the outlet of the device.
*Note backflows that are stolen, does not apply to warranty... because I can't repair what's not there. 
* For first time clients  .......repairs  are  75.00 + parts