A Celebration of Life in Christ

For the glory of God

 1. Come to the Table   
 Celebrating the new Ordinariate
 2. Turnaround    
 Reflection on St. Augustine
 3. Lord, I Love You/Beautiful Lord  
 4. Stop!
 Reflection on St. Paul & the Corinthians
 5. A Tree Named Joe    
 Reflection on St. Joseph
 6. Inigo
 Reflection on St. Ignatius of Loyola
 7. Enough
 8. 600 Miles to Nagasaki
 Reflection on St. Paul Miki
 9. Pentecost
 10. Bookmark for Your Heart
 Words of St. Teresa of Avila
 11. Damien's Call
 Reflection of St. Damien of Molokai

            Liturgical Music for the New Roman Missal

 12. Gathering  
 Rejoice You Righteous
(Words by Isaac Watts)
 13. Kyrie    
 14. Gloria
 15. Alleluia
 16. Sanctus
 17. Memorial Acclamation
 18. Great Amen
 19. Our Father
 20. Agnus Dei
 21. Communion
 Over and Over
 22. Recessional