Project Summary

Cutting Edge Technology.

Tanmay Shankar, India.

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Contrary to what the name suggests, this project deals with a new and innovative method of harvesting and processing crops.

 The question to be addressed was “What is the optimum, innovative design of a device that provides relief to the farmers, while satisfying the following criteria?”

  My research suggested that the device needed to be Inexpensive, Multipurpose, Built from easily available resources and materials, Requiring little or no fuel, Easy to operate and maintain, Efficient, and Environmentally Friendly.

 The solution?  “Cutting Edge Technology”.

 My device harvests and threshes crops. When the farmer pedals the modified bicycle, a camshaft bearing a specialized drop cam rotates. The cam raises the cutting frame to the required height. Thereafter, the frame falls under the effect of gravity, onto a cutting board. I use this computed 200 Newton force as a cutting stroke to harvest crops.

 A modified front wheel brake cable pulls in a shaft that bends the crops onto the cutting board. The cut crops are collected in a bag or basket. To thresh grains, the cycle can be propped up on its stand, and the cutting blade replaced by a threshing board.

 The open architecture allows adjustable parameters. The design can be easily modified to tackle different varieties of crops, by adjusting these parameters intrinsic to the device. The whole device can be detached from the bicycle for normal use.

 Picking up root vegetables or crop stubble, ploughing soil and sowing crops can also be implemented with minor modifications. The cost of putting together the prototype was around Rs. 9200 ($ 200), which is 150 times cheaper than the combine harvester typically used for this purpose.

 I hope this bicycle helps farmers pedal their way to a better future, and to make hay while the sun shines.  This is Cutting Edge Technology for the Farmer.


Project Summary
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