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Needing Water Tank Repairs? 

Are you a farmer in New South Wales, Australia that has a leaking concrete or galvanised water tank that needs repairing? We have mended many such tanks.

To the right is the before and after picture of what we do to repair a tank.

There are more before and after pictures.

In our services you will find a wide range of tank repairs we can do for you.

About Us and What We Can Offer You

Our staff is willing to travel across New South Wales, Australia to do the job! We started our business over 10 years ago in January 1996 and are based at Geurie near Dubbo, Central West New South Wales, Australia (see map).

We are a specialist water tank repairer who assesses and repairs your tank on your property.

Xypex is a quality cement-based grey compound we apply to the outside of leaking tanks to repair them.  We are a Xypex accredited applicator. We also use several other materials for inside and outside tanks.

Contact Us to Discuss Tank Repair Problems

If you have any questions or want to get a quote, please contact us on phone

0429 151 526   or   02 6887 1186

 You can be assured of our prompt attention!