If you have arrived at this site, it is probably because your water heater has failed or is close to failing. Or maybe there is a different reason and it is because you are planning for the day your water heater fails. Congratulations, not many people would have the wisdom to think in those long-range terms. I have written an E-book that details the ways to make intelligent decisions on tankless water heaters. Learn if your house has enough available power or natural gas. Learn where to install and how to size a tankless water heater.  Click here to get your copy.

Tankless Water Heaters by Low Energy Systems

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Did Your Water Heater Just Die?

It happens every day, someone finds a puddle under the water heater or hot water turns into cold water. We have all been there and now you need to replace your water heater. Perhaps you have heard of tankless water heaters but are unsure of what it takes to get the job done. Perhaps you have already had the plumber look at your old unit and had a taste of their “hourly charges”.

Do you always run out of hot water?

You know the feeling, a nice hot shower turns a bit cooler and you have to adjust the temperature to get it warm again. The feeling of impending cold water shock ready to happen before you get all the shampoo rinsed out of your hair. It happens all the time you say?

How much hot water is enough?

What if the answer was endless? What if I said you could have as much hot water as you want and never run out? An endless supply of hot water while showering, cooking or washing clothes. Well, today’s tankless water heaters are designed just for that, if you install a properly sized system. The key to the success of a tankless system is choosing the right unit installed in the right location.

Greening the Planet

Are Tankless Water Heaters Green?

The short answer is yes, in most instances. Tankless water heaters do not keep a large volume of water hot like older tank systems. They are designed to heat the water on an as-needed basis. Water passes through them and is heated. If the water flow continues, so does the heating. When the flow of water stops, no more heating occurs until the flow begins again. It is a very simple concept which does save you money on your energy bill. So the answers is yes, tankless water heaters are green.

When are Tankless Water Heaters Not Green?

All tankless water heaters are green, but the details of how and where they are installed determines how green they are. An example is when you remove you old tank type system and install a tankless system in it's place. Yes, it is a green system but probably not as green as it could be. If one of your hot water fixtures is a long way from the water heater it will take time to get the hot water through the pipe and finally to your fixture. This is called Hot Water Lag, and the further away the fixture is, the more lag you have. You know what I mean, turning on the faucet and waiting for the water to get hot. When this happens your green system becomes a little less green for 2 reasons; You have to waste the water thats in the piping while you wait for the hot water to reach the fixture and when you finish using hot water at the fixture, the pipe to the fixture is full of hot water that will probably cool down, thus wasting the energy used to make it hot.