Stamp Issues 2011 - 2013


Please note all of our Stamp issues are merely Cinderellas meant for fun and fantasy use only. These stamps have no real postal value outside of Taniquah, if using them on your mail, please use the stamps of the right postal authority in addition to your Taniquah issues. Of course we assume that 99% of you do not want to use them on mail anyway.


2012 - The Kings of Taniquah

Issued 12 March 2012

10 Heniti - King Utiku IV 1988 - Current
10 Heniti (Green Border) - King Utiku III 1959 - 1988
50 Heniti (Pink Border) - King Arona 1936 - 1959
50 Heniti(Yellow) - King Arapeta I 1920 - 1936
$1 Taara (Blue) - King Utiku II 1871 - 1920
$2 Taara (Orange) - King Utiku I 1795 - 1871

DISCLAIMER - The images on these cinderellas are of actual people who lived and were related to King Utiku IV, all of them but him are now dead, with Utiku III passing away on May 25th 2015. Services and Karakias have been offered to these people as atonement for this issue, and it is expected that no tapu has been broken or makutu laid. It is urged that those of you who are very superstitious and scared of bad magic, not to disrespect these stamps in any way and to NOT buy them if you are unsure. The people depicted are real  Maori New Zealanders, and one of them did take his own life. The king is descended from all of them except for Arapeta and Arona who were 2nd and 3rd cousins, the others are direct ancestors.

The set was made to celebrate 200 years of Taniquah showing the sacred and venerated images of the first 4 four kings. Before these rulers, Taniquah was ruled by a series of chiefs who trace their lines back to Tamatea the navigator. King Utiku I born Tapuhi Pehitane Potaka was the first to encounter Pakehas in the very early 19th century and was the first to carry the royal name UTIKU POTAKA. Under him Potaka evolved from savagery and barbarism of the traditional days to a colonial frontier.

Under the first 3 rulers Taniquah evolved into a modern and evolved society that was proud as well of it's ancient and traditional culture. The rails came off the track slightly during the mid 20th century, but things have been bought back under control of his present majesty, King Utiku IV. With these stamps the great tipuna tane are celebrated and their name and deeds shall liveth on for evermore. 

The past two kings have also dabbled with Rastafarianism and Pan Africanism, for the royal concert of 1973, King Utiku III had Bob Marley and Osibisa flown into Taniquah and performed a great concert in which the traditionality of Maori and Negro cultures were joined.  

In 1990, the King Utiku IV had Prince and Michael Jackson bought in to perform another concert, with an annual reggae and roots festival held in Potaka each year.

A series of bizarre covers were also released, with the King touring Samoa during the release phase of the issue. Covers bearing ancient Samoan and Taniquah stamps of this were cancelled before release date, but not commercially sold until March 12th. Copies of these covers rank amongst the greatest rarities of all Taniquan issues.

One cover celebrates peace in Samoa and includes the 50 Heniti King Arapeta stamp and the other celebrates happy relations between the Kingdom and Samoa, cancelled with a $2 Taara stamp showing our great founder, King Utiku I.

The bottom cover is the strangest cover released showing a stamp of His Majesty, cancelled with a full strike and inscription, Kiamate te Kingi o Tonga (Death of the King of Tonga), a standard issue cover was cancelled with the inscription in English mourning the death of King Siaosi Tupou V of Tonga. The King and His Majesty were great friends and the item was made for His Majesty and he is kind enough to let it be shown to the people.

The set saw wide postal use and is still in current use now, although the 50 Heniti rate is 75 Heniti and a 25 Heniti stamp will be issued for uprating by December this year.

The set also saw minisheets and a pre printed first day cover, small ones for 1 - 3 stamps and a large one for a complete set.

30 April 2013 - King's Birthday: Royal Cats

50 Heniti - Tequila (Her Royal Highness Countess Miss Fluffy)
70 Heniti - Panterra - a cat belonging to the Sultan of Upper Yafa, an ally of ours
$1 Taara - Millie - A rare Sphynx cat
$2 Taara - Puppy - A hairless male Sphynx cat

For his birthday, H.M. The King dispensed with the vanity and went for a series celebrating cats of Taniquah/ The 50 Heniti stamp for local mail showed a cat familiar to all Taniquans, a cat called Miss Fluffy, belonging to the King a gift from the Prime Minister. The cat lives in the royal palace and is still alive and kicking at the age of 9 and a half. She is a purebred Maine coon and a scarce animal, very friendly and large. She even follows the King out on his tours.

The other cats are all from allies of Taniquah and are cats, His majesty has know, he wanted variety rather than four images of Miss Fluffy. Taniquah's first cute issue was a big hit and alleviated the need for any more stamps for nearly 3 years.

Sheets were also issued and there was a special series of covers tied in with his majesty's birthday.