Stamp Issues 2008 to 2011


Please note all of our Stamp issues are merely Cinderellas meant for fun and fantasy use only. These stamps have no real postal value outside of Taniquah, if using them on your mail, please use the stamps of the right postal authority in addition to your Taniquah issues. Of course we assume that 99% of you do not want to use them on mail anyway.


His Majesty's 32nd Birthday 

Issued: April 29th  2008

30 Heniti - King Frontal Portrait
60 Heniti - King Side Portrait
$1 Taara - As 60 Heniti
$2 Taara - As 30 Heniti

The set was issued for the occasion of the King's 32nd birthday, he was pleased to have the Occusi Ambeno photographer, give him a photoshop looking like eyes from a Maori carving. The carving used is believed to be of his distant ancestor - Te Aoteapau, who was known for his ability to hypnotise his enemies, before killing and eating them.

A Minisheet of the set, showing the 2007 Lenin set above it. As you can see the $1 and $2 values are scarce. His Majesty used red for the local value as he was fond of that colour and wanted the people to know it.



40 Heniti - Te Tai Tonga Lighthouse (South Lighthouse)
80 Heniti - Te Tai Tokerau Lighthouse (North Lighthouse)
$1.20 - Te Tai Poutini Lighthouse (Western Lighthouse)
$1.60 - Te Tai Rawhiti Lighthouse (Eastern Lighthouse)

Lighthouses are an integral part of navigation and the Taniquah Kingdom provides one on every part of the island, the movement for lighthouses began with the arrival of Missionaries and traders at the beginning of the 1800s. The ships Varginette (1821), Heavens to Betsey (1830) and HMS Florizel (1834) led the first king to build a Raita (Plural - raiti) whare (Lighthouse) in 1838. This first structure was built out of manuka and had a slave watching a flame burn. The near grounding of the Ukereke Mbongo from Haiti in 1849 was prevented by the slave and the rudimentary lighthouse. The slave Tamatea was awarded the "Order Soulouque" by the grateful Haitian emperor.

In 1866 the South Head lighthouse was built and Tamatea was liberated and made a keeper of the light. In return for his work, he recieved the right to live in the new structure and gained £10 Taniquan pounds a year. In 1948 it was automated and welcomes mariners into the coast of Taniquah to this day gliding boats into Potaka Harbour.

North Head opened in 1912 and was fully automatic, although Jacques De Marque Vue a Frenchman came to keep an eye on this light and also ran the Western Lighthouse (Built 1913). Finally in 1915 with the threat of Germans and Tuvaluans attacking Taniquah, Eastern Light was built. 

Today with Rata Airport, the lighthouses are all automated and only South Head is still in use, the other 3 are living museums.

A couple of first day covers for the Prince and Lighthouses issue.

There was no stamp issues for two years, on April 1st 2011, two new date stamps arrived and the era of the drawn on postmark ended.

70th Birthday of Lawrie Walker: Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Taniquah

Issued April 1st 2011

10 Heniti - Lawrie Walker
50 Heniti - Lawrie Walker (Different)
$1 Taara - Lawrie Walker (As 10 Heniti)
$2 Taara - Lawrie Walker (As 10 Heniti and $1 Taara)

Lawrie Walker became Prime minister of the Kingdom of Taniquah at His Majesty's urging in July 2007, he has served in the capacity ever since, official suffrage to all landowners and intellectuals has been extended by him. 

He is also in charge of making the Kingdom solvent after the Utikuan excesses of 1985. Walkerstein got rid of the stein in 2011 too, when he accepted baptism into the Universal church of Tane, the state religion of the Taniquah aristocracy, a mixture of Catholicism, Prince Rogers nelson worship, Maori esoteric polytheism, Wiccan nature rituals and Haitian voodoo.

The stamps show the Prime Minister looking all official and the 50 heniti shows him at a barbeque in Aotearoa. The King chose this design as he felt that Walker's job should not all be hard work and that he can have fun and be normal as any other Taniquan. The fact he is 100% white does not annoy the King one bit, as unlike the racism of earlier rulers, his Majesty chooses people according to their merits and not race.

The 10 heniti was issued, as the price of local mail climbed from 40 to 50 Heniti and Taniquans with excess 40 Heniti stamps could use the 10 Heniti as an uprate to go with the 40 Heniti stamps.

Walker is known for his caution with the budget and insisted on the same design being used on 3 of the 4 stamps, yet with values in different colours. The set also saw some postal use.

The cover above also shows the new post mark used especially for the issue of this stamp set.

A Minisheet set of both Lighthouses and the Lawrie Walker Issue