Flag and Coat of Arms 2015

The National Flag

The flag designed in 2015 shows the red and purple of Taniquah, the waves signified the progress and heritage of Taniquah. In the shape of the traditional Maori koru. The language at top is the year of 1812, when the monarchy began and at the bottom, the inscription "The Kingdom loves all under God". Maori is used as the first language of the Kingdom. The sun is also an ever present symbol and the Prince symbol is merely the royal Cypher of his most serene Majesty King Utiku IV.

The National Coat of Arms

The coat of arms appeared in 2015 and shows the manifold symbols of our proud Island nation.

At top is a beautiful crown that signifies the monarchy and the Ruling Utiku Dynasty

Top left is a knot shaped koru showing the threads of unity, that symbolise the end of Tribal wars and the bringing of the Maori Taniquan people as one tribe united under the Utiku Dynasty. The knot goes from one reverse to the other, yet all joins in the middle under the rule of Utikuism. 18 and 12 being the year

Next down is a tattooed mouth (Moko Waha) meaning the importance of free speech and liberal rule. The fact the mouth is surrounded by the sacred moko (Mouth tattoo) shows how highly the value of free speech and liberal law is enshrined in Taniquah. Our human rights record, stance on sexual and racial minorities stands alone in the Pacific, a sea of Homophobia, intolerance and obsession with false religions.

At bottom left is Taonga Rongo (Gifts of Rongomatane - The God of fertility), shown are bananas, apple, kumara and coconuts, all that grow in Taniquah's rich soil and enjoyed by Taniquans and world wide customers. The subtropical climate ensures that coconut and bananas thrive next to the more temperate apple and banana.

Top right shows the symbols of sea, land, forest, towns, the sky, sun and rain. All important concepts in any nation.

Finally we have a Prince symbol that has been hijacked with the King's royal cypher and the use of "Waiata Mai" - Music for the masses.

The coat of arms was quickly rushed into service on October 13th 2015.

 A close up of it.