Stamp Issues 2015 - 2016

October 20th 2015 - NEW DEFINITIVE ISSUE

The new set is being released in demand for new designs on our definitives and the new postage rate hikes. We have 4 values showing the new designs of Coat of arms and the National flag of the Kingdom.

Postage rates have been held at 50 heniti since 2011 and are due for an increase to 75 heniti. To ease this increase, a new stamp of 25 heniti has been released to help those Taniquans with unused 50 heniti stamps uprate to the new rate. Quantities of the new issue include 
25 heniti - 250,000 stamps
75 heniti - 400,000 stamps
Ta $1.25 - 100,000 stamps - new local premium mail rate
Ta $2.50 - 35,000 stamps - overseas letter rate.

The new stamps include a web address so that all of you can see the delights of our revamped site. The stamps will go on sale in Taniquah on Tuesday October 20th 2015.

Also released for the joy of collectors, a new miniature sheet, again with margins in English rather than Maori to appeal to this market.

 The mini sheet has two complete sets of the new stamps and is an attractive addition to your collection of Taniquah stamps.

Thanks again to the Occusi Ambeno government printers. It is hoped all members of ICIS and stamp collectors will want these wonderful stamps.

A new issue of stamps showing Michael Jackson is to follow in December or January and a 40th birthday set of His Majesty in April 2016.