Tango Calendar (95814+) This information needs updating - please check before visiting these venues

TANGO MAP This information needs updating - please check before visiting these venues  
Google Venues Map  

DM  7pm  Jacob's Modesto   Dinner 7pm Milonga 8pm
 Fiesta Dance n'Fitness Studio Davis
C  8.30pm   Class-Rebeca Basave/Ed Loomis  
P  5.30pm  Firehouse 5 Guided session followed by open practice till 8pm
C  6.30pm  Tango by the River Donna Williams/Steve Williams
Level I  6.30  Level II  7.30  Level III  8.30pm

C  6.30pm   DeWitt Center  Class Michelle Gorre-Tango 1 or 2 until 8pm
MC  8pm  2nd Tue Firehouse 5
Milonga/Concert-The Fire Ants play live tango music til 10.30pm
C  6.30pm  Spotlight Center For the Arts   Classes  Emily Trites
Introductory  6.30 Beginner/Intermediate 7.15-8pm
Quarry Ponds
C  6.30pm  Free Lesson 
P  7.30 Practica from 7:30pm-8:30pm.
 P  9pm  Step One LA PRáCTICA: Alisa Shub & Mike Bohan until 10.30pm 
   ALL levels (beginners always welcome)
Firehouse 5
C  6.30pm Classes Beginning 7.30 continuing-Michelle Gorre/Chris Peake
P  8.30 PRáCTICA  until 11.30pm+

M  7pm 3rd Thur  Concetta  Milonga on Modesto Art Walk until 9pm
C   7.30pm Firehouse 5  Class-Michelle Gorre
C   7.30pm Firehouse 5 Class-Miguel Taillant "Tango Buenos Aires"
C   7-8pm+ Tango By The River  Practilonga
P  8-10pm+ Tango By The River  Practilonga More Info
7-pm open DJing-bring your music 8.30 Practilonga with DJ Kenny Bell
M  9pm  1st-3rd-5th Sat Firehouse  5
  Milonga  9-Midnight (8pm lesson)

M  9pm  2nd-4th Sat  Tango by the River
Milonga 9-Midnight (8pm lesson)

DM  8pm Once a month Dinner-Milonga Jacob's Modesto
Check Modesto Tango for time & dates

M  Tango de Oro Milonga Date and Location varies-See CALENDAR
M   6pm 1st Sun  Capital City Hotel Milonga until 9.pm

M   2pm  2nd Sun  Firehouse  5  Tea & Tango until 5.00pm

M   6.30pm  2nd Sun  Various Community dwellings Milonga until 9pm

M   6.30pm  4th Sun  It's a Grind   Milonga until 9pm

Contact Information
   Capital City Hotel

   2600 Auburn Boulevard
1205 J Street, Modesto 
Davis Experimental College
ASUCD 260 South Silo, Davis
   Rebeca  Rebec1717@aol.com
   Enroll at www.ExperimentalCollege.org
     or 530 752 2568
DeWitt Center Placer School for Adults
2950 Richardson Dr, Room 324A Auburn
   Michelle@theFireHouse5.com or 916 799 1952
   Fiesta Dance n'Fitness Studio
   915 Third Street, Davis CA
   www.FiestaDancenFitness.com   530 554 4726   
Firehouse 5 Studio
2014B  9th Street, Sacramento (9th & T)
   Michelle@theFireHouse5.com or 916 799 1952
   Web/Calendar www.theFireHouse5.com
It's a Grind
2741 Del Paso Road. Sacramento
   (Natomas Town Center next to Giovanni's Pizza)

   2501 McHenry Avenue, Modesto
   email Mary at Fred.Herman@sbcglobal.net
7318 Winding Way, Fair Oaks (just west of San Juan)
   Luis  916 807 4210 or LuiselSuave@comcast.net 
Quarry Ponds
     5550 Douglas Blvd. Granite Bay
Spotlight Center For the Arts
2534 Industrial Blvd S150, West Sacramento
Step One
   1920 T Street, Sacramento  
Tango By The River
128 J Street, Old Sacramento
Donna Donna@RiverTango.com  or 916 443 7008  
Tango de Oro
Tango de Oro CALENDAR
   Arts Building Gallery
   808 Lincoln Way, Auburn
RIDESHARE from Sacramento
   To tango events Mainly to Bay Area (a Google Group)
  Meetup 1: Tango Sacramento

  Meetup 2: Sacramento Argentine Tango
 TANGO MAP The easy way

   Classes Práctica & Milonga
         As in most dance there is much Solo work practiced alone or couples on fundamentals-posture, balance, internalizing movements etc.

                The three main social elements to Learning to embody Tango

                     1. The Lesson-Learning the fundamentals & basic elements + new moves

                                                  2. The Práctica-Going over the basics and practicing with the help of others.

                                                                       3. The Milonga-Dances for enjoying dance + learning tango etiquette by
                                                                                                    the examples, from skilled to barbaric, of self & others.