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Milonga de la Boca Dulce II
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Encuentro Boca Antwerp 2016
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Estar bien is the tango-school directed by Jacques and Fanny.
Her home base is "t Kwartier", a charming retro-eventroom in the center of Antwerp.

They organise not only courses, but also dance afternoons or evenings (milongas),
with DJ Jack or guest DJ.

Miércoles de Estar Bien:
every wednesday   20:30 - 24:00 dj Jack

Milonga de Estar Bien (traditional)
every 1st and 4th sunday 16:00 - 22:00
  • 25 sept Dj Marie Jeanne
  • 2 okt Dj
  • 23 okt Dj Christoph Ronecker(Germ)
  • 6 nov Dj El Huracán(Jo)
  • 27 nov Dj 
  • 4 dec Dj Prinzie
  • 25 dec Dj Jack Rombauts
  • 22 jan Dj 
  • 5 feb Dj 
  • 26 feb Dj  
  • 5 mrt Dj
  • 26 mrt Dj El Huracán(Jo Switten)
  • 2 apr Dj Bart
  • 23 apr Dj
  • 7 mei Dj
  • 28 mei Dj
  • 4 juni Dj

Jacques en Fanny:

"Ever since our first milonga, we got captivated by the Argentinian tango , it became a passion more and more and it never left us.

In nearly every song you hear the enchanting sounds of the bandoneon(s) – they bring you the raw passion of tango! Moving together harmoniously and freely on this music without prearranged patterns seemed to be our ultimate experience.
For years we ameliorated our insights and techniques , as much as possible, by following trainings and workshops home and abroad.

(look at: our maestro's)

Handing over these experiences is natural for both of us with our background in physical training at school. But more important is passing through this nice “Estar Bien” feeling of the tango to our students.

Our lessons are built up didactically to give our students better insight into the sometimes complex world of Argentine Tango. Using the acquired techniques as leader or follower, we dance with our partner harmoniously on the music with a nice posture.

We adapt our dancing taking into consideration the available space on the dancefloor as well as the music and our dance partner.

Just when focusing on these points, and not on complex figures , we can achieve the essentials of Argentine Tango."

Hope to see you soon!

Jacques & Fanny