Water Division

One of Tanglewood Lake's Greatest Assets
 Owned by the Tanglewood Lake Association (TLA), the "Water Company" is one of our most important assets. The water system was purchased by the Tanglewood Lake Association out of bankruptcy court in 1982 to protect our vital interest in maintaining and improving the badly operated and inadequate water system needed by our residents. Like so many things in Tanglewood Lake, the Water Division has grown and prospered through the stewardship of concerned Tanglewood Lake residents donating their time and talents for the good of the community. It’s a $300,000 per year company with all of the trials and tribulations of a small business that must satisfy the very stringent Ohio EPA regulations imposed on all water companies. Since it is privately owned and furnishes water exclusively to TLA members, some of the state requirements, including the regulation of the water rates, do not apply, allowing Tanglewood Lake residents to enjoy cheaper water. We think that we stand head and shoulders above any in the county and certainly better than many homes in Bainbridge Township. Yes, we know that we are blowing our own horn, but this is a valuable selling point for us because many residences in Bainbridge have only untreated well water and septic tanks. A few developments have a community water system but they are generally inadequate and don’t measure up to our standards.

Although our water is pumped from wells in two different well fields, we treat all of our water at our treatment plant on Haskins Road to remove dissolved iron, add fluoride to provide dental cavity protection and add chlorine to protect our residents from bacterial infections. In order to maintain an adequate water supply, we are constantly monitoring our wells and providing maintenance when needed. Note that Tanglewood Lake has had no water rationing in recent years.

We have fire hydrants located throughout the development and the water system is protected by a backup diesel generator that has kept our water system running while other systems failed during a power failure. In addition to the Tanglewood residences (single family and condo), we also supply water to some commercial members of the Association including the Tanglewood Golf Club and the Tanglewood shopping center at SR306 and Bainbridge Road. Over the years, many system improvements have been made. Most important are the many line valves that have been added that make it possible for us to shut off a street or a short part of a
street to isolate an area with a main line break. All systems have water main breaks and our system is no different from others. We normally respond very quickly to the break and repair it with a minimum of downtime for those residences affected.

TWD can boast of having automated many of its operations. We have no full-time employees and only a few part-time persons who work an hour or two each day to do required water testing. All other services are performed by outside sub-contractors. The plant runs automatically with a backup diesel generator during electrical outages. For example, during the "Great Northeast Blackout" of 2003, the City of Cleveland lost almost all of its water distribution capability, and once the level in its storage tanks dropped, the water stopped flowing completely. Many areas in Geauga County were without power, and many residents were without water. Tanglewood Lake residents' water never faltered--full pressure was maintained and there were no outages or low-pressure problems of any kind.

Billing Address: 
Tanglewood Water Division
C/O MWD and Associates
17671 plum Creek Trail
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022

Plant Address:
Tanglewood Water Division
Fax 440-543-7118
17400 Haskins Rd.
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023

The Ohio EPA requires the TWD to issue an annual report (Consumer Confidence Report or CCR) on the water system and test values for some of the contaminants that may be found in water. Click on any of these reports as listed to below to review this data.


The Tanglewood Water Division has developed a series of “Policy and Procedures”, annual reports and bulletins that govern the use of our water.  See the list below to read more about the Water Division.

Water Division Reports

 The TWD is operated by the Tanglewood Lake Water Committee. This volunteer committee strives to fill its membership with a mix of professionals who can give their expertise to the community. We are always looking for residents with technical or business experience who can assist us in operating the system.

Tanglewood Water Division Committee

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