2014 WAC final standings


The 2014 Write a Check fall fundraiser brought in $7,351.20 in coins, $73,585.00 in checks/credit cards for a grand total of $80,936.20.  Not including the upcoming pizza and ice cream parties, our expenses are so far are $3533.45. Thank you students, faculty, and families for your generous contributions.  You should be proud of all of the great things this money will provide for Tanglewood!   All donations go directly to our school and EVERY dollar supports the efforts of the Tanglewood PTA and your student!   Take a look at what PTA dollars have provided our Tanglewood student community in the last year:    Security improvements, supplemental curriculum, teacher training, faculty and students laptops, library improvements, additional student iPads, music program expansion including guitars for 5th grade, laminating machine and specimens for Science Lab.  These improvements are not included in the school’s budget from the district

Thank you to our volunteer team including Carrie McPadden, Patti Stuard, Katie Hinckley, Kristen Barnett, Kelly Harper, Amy Matejka, Brian Jolin, Amy Flores, Erin Schulz, Carrie Lange, Jeanette Eldridge, Susie Andersen, Michael Crain, Lisa House and many many others who helped distribute signs and enter data.

Here are the TOP DOLLAR AMOUNTS from each grade level.  These classes will receive a pizza party.

Kindergarten - $7225.00 - Mrs. Plotner’s class

1st grade - $4,030.00 - Mrs. Addington’s class

2nd grade - $1883.33 - Mrs. Wellman’s class

3rd grade - $3,361.67 - Mrs. Clynch’s class

4th grade - $2450.00 - Mrs. Ryon’s class

5th grade - $2330.00 - Mrs. Vitale’s class


Here are the individual raffle prize winners. For privacy reasons, student last names are not listed on the website: 

American Girl – Emily in Ms. Balderston’s class

Lego – Jackson in Ms. Addington’s class

iTouch – McKenzie in Ms. Feldman’s class

Kindle Fire HD -  Ella in Ms. Yager’s class

IPad Mini  – Gill in Ms. Plotner’s class


Coin drive results

Students contributed a total of $7351.20 in coins.  The top class in each grade wins an ice cream treat party. The winners are

5th - Vitale

4th - Evert

3rd - Barcus

2nd - Wall

1st - Cleworth

Kinder - Hannan

The 2nd and 3rd overall highest classes get to spray whipped cream on Ms. Smith and Ms. McKenzie. 

3rd place - Mrs. Vitale's class - $613.50

2nd place - Mrs. Hannan's class - 628.86

And the 1st place class gets to Saran Wrap Mr. Williams to the flagpole!  Congratulations to Mrs. Wall's second graders with $651.15!

Jessica Forrestal and Kelly Soter-Gunn  Co-Chairs Fall Fundraiser 2014

Tanglewood Master,
Sep 21, 2014, 6:25 PM