Tanglewood Enrichment

LEARNING while having FUN!

Tanglewood’s Enrichment Program is a unique after-school program that offers our students mind-stimulating, extracurricular activities for 6 weeks during the fall & spring semesters.  This program is available to our 1st-5th graders.  Parent volunteers are part of what helps to make this program a great success each & every year!  The time commitment for Enrichment is VERY small.  1-2 hours is all that is required!  Are you extra-skilled at passing out snacks?  Could you be an extra set of hands for an Enrichment teacher for 1 hour?  Or do you have a great idea for a class and would be willing to help make it happen for our students?  Volunteer with Enrichment, and help bring some of the extra FUN & FLAVOR to our Tanglewooders’ education!!!

Sandra Stallings

Shelli Eskue



- help with name tags,

- volunteer 1 hour afterschool to help pass out snacks or help in an Enrichment class,

- have a great idea for a class,
- can make phone calls and help with class scheduling


More information:

Courses are taught by experienced and highly motivated faculty and community volunteers who encourage and challenge participants in a learning atmosphere that supports inquiry and exploration!

What an exciting opportunity for our students to spend 6 weeks “enriching” their minds!  Parents enjoy the convenience of classes being held immediately after school, and the program is also easily utilized by our students signed-up for Clayton after school care.  Enrichment offers students the ability to participate in extracurricular activities without the burden of a long term time commitment.