College Spirit Day
Students may wear college shirts with uniform bottoms and “Lunch Bunch” begins for 1st-5th grades on 9/11 and Kinder begins 10/2.

Spirit Day
Students are invited to wear a TW spirit shirt with uniform bottoms or spirit bottoms. Spirit bottoms are athletic-style shorts, skirts, skorts (basketball shorts, tennis skirts, etc.) in navy or black. Leggings may NOT be worn as bottoms. Regular uniforms may be worn on spirit days as well. No college or pro-team shirts, just TW spirit shop gear.

If you have any questions about the spirit shop please contact Co-Chairs Molly Walker, Amy Curry and Elena McMurray.

FWISD Dress Code
Fort Worth ISD has a dress code. Download a PDF for more information on the dress code from FWISD.

Tanglewood Dress Code
In addition to FWISD Standards of  Dress,
 Tanglewood also offers a plaid, plaid #55. Students can wear plaid shorts, skirts, or jumpers. It is available anywhere school uniforms are sold.  

Tanglewood Dress Code Checklist:

·        I have on a solid navy, white, or blue-denim shirt.

·        My shirt has sleeves and a collar.

·        I have on shorts, pants, a skirt, a dress or a jumper in solid navy, khaki, black, blue-denim, or Tanglewood plaid.

·        If I am wearing a dress, it has sleeves and a collar.

·        If I am wearing a jumper, I have a solid navy, white, or blue-denim shirt underneath and the shirt has sleeves and a collar.

·        If today is a P.E. day, I have on tennis shoes.

·        My socks are one solid color* (a basic logo may appear on the socks).

·        If I am wearing tights or leggings* under my uniform, they are one solid color.

·        If I have on a sweater or sweatshirt over my uniform and I intend to wear it in class, it is a solid color.  Jackets of any color/design may be worn upon arrival, on the playground, and at dismissal.


*Tanglewood Spirit Shop Socks and Leggings Are Approved Uniform Items*


We allow any item of clothing to be monogrammed with student name or initials.