Carpool Lane
  • Please be courteous of others in the morning carpool line. If your children are not ready to get out when you reach the front of the line, please pull out of the line.
  • Children may only exit/enter your vehicle on the curbside. The first space of the carpool lane on Overton Park West is reserved. It is marked off by blue and yellow paint. Please do not park in this space at any time.
  • The space in front of the handicapped area on Harlanwood is also reserved. Please do not park in this space.
  • You may feed into the carpool line from Glenwood, however NO children are to be let out on or allowed entrance to the school from Glenwood. Use Overton Park West and Harlanwood entrances only.
  • When pulling up to the afternoon carpool line, please, park directly behind the car already in line. Do not leave gaps between cars. You may not park in the carpool lane from 7am-9am and 2pm-4pm.
  • Please make sure grandparents, sitters and friends are aware of the carpool lane rules.
It is illegal to use your cell phone in the car pool line!

Bus Lane, Crosswalks, School Zones, etc.
  • NEVER drop your children off in the teacher's parking lot.
  • SLOW DOWN through the designated school zones around campus. The speed limit in the zones is 20 mph.
  • Please observe the "No Parking" signs around the crosswalk. Do not park in front of those signs for the safety of the people using the crosswalk.        
  • The bus lane is off limits for parking at all times. Failure to observe this could result in a parking ticket from the city.
  • After school, students may cross the street and meet an adult at the     park only if the proper paperwork has been filed with the teacher.
  • Parents and students may cross only at the crosswalks. Please follow the directions of the crossing guard when one is present.
  • Do not let children ride a bike through the crosswalk. They need to walk the bike across the street and park it at the bike rack.
  • Parking in the alley behind the houses or using the driveways of the houses around campus is not allowed.

Rainy Day Dismissal

  • All students will be dismissed from their homerooms with the exception of classes located in portables, they will be in the auditorium. 
  • Parents will be allowed down the halls as soon as we have all students transitioned to their indoor dismissal locations (2:50 p.m. or shortly thereafter.)
  • Please wait in the front foyer until all students are in place.
  • We will begin calling names from the carpool line at that time. Mr. Williams and other assisting administrators will be on duty in the carpool line. They will ask for your child's name and the teacher's name.
  • Please do not ask for an early dismissal during this process. We need to focus our attention on transitioning students and getting parents to the classrooms.

Questions, suggestions or comments regarding safety are always welcomed. Please contact Principal Smith.