Tanel Tammet

Research, education, software development and more 

Research: automated theorem proving and applications. Used to believe - and work - in verification, but not so much right now. Instead, I strive for the use of logical tools in distributed databases and the web. New tools (building a completely new gandalf system) and languages (not too hopeful for owl and rdfs in their current form) have to be built.

Some of the recent projects create intelligent recommenders: sightsmap visualizes photogenic areas of the world and the sightsplanner gives personalized suggestions for sightseeing.

I am a proud founding member and a professor of the institute of comp sci at Tallinn University of Tech. However, once upon a time I graduated from the Uni of Tartu, passed through the IOC and got my Ph.D from Chalmers/Uni of Gothenburg. I have had my hand present at the forming of the IT College, the Estonian tiger leap and a number of other public it-activities and institutions.

I do teach a lot. See the separate site with my (mostly Estonian) course materials.

I love to write code (and I really do write a lot of code for various apps and projects: it is great fun!) and sometimes, essays about the computational/evolutionary nature of everyday things. I am also a proud-to-be-not-so-bad badminton player. On the picture: bamby (rightmost) meets godzilla at Viinistu.

Contact: tammet at staff ttu ee (just replace the at and add the missing periods).