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Caulfield to Frankston and Back
Saturday 20 June 2015

It was an extremely cold but dry morning when we all met up at the Caulfield Railway Station and prepared our bikes and ourselves for our training ride down to Frankston and back.

We had five tandem bike teams taking part on this ride which included:

1.   Bob McPherson (Captain) with Michael Fogarty (Stoker)

2.   Aaron McGowan (Captain) with Ranjesh Prakash (Stoker)

3.   Simon White (Captain) with Rocky Berlingeri (Stoker)

4.   Josh Scott-Jouir (Captain) with his partner Louise (Stoker)

5.   Timothy Wright (Captain) with Peter Fletcher (Stoker) me

Timothy (Tim) was a new captain/pilot who joined us on this ride and it was also his first experience of riding a tandem bike with a vision impaired person. We also had Josh join us on his recumbent tandem with his partner Louise. Ranjesh also joined us on this training program for the first time.  It was great to have these cyclists join us on this ATB tandem bike training program.

Bob showed us a new way to get down to Beach Road from Caulfield Station and it was not too long before we got down to some serious training and we began to thaw out as we increased our pace down Beach Road on route to our first scheduled stop at Mordialloc.  

Aaron and Ranjesh were setting a cracking pace which set the bench mark for this ride. Tim and I were doing our best to try to match it with this flying tandem duo on Aaron’s Cannondale machine but we were struggling to keep pace with them.  Mind you, we were motoring along at speeds in excess of 40 km/hr and passing a few pelotons along the way.

The other three tandem teams were not too far behind us and we soon arrived at Tour de Café at Mordialloc. However, the café was closed due to the proprietors taking a well earned break.

After a short stop at Mordi we clambered back onto our trusty two person machines and headed along Station Street through Edithvale and Chelsea until we reached Carrum where we crossed the railway line and got onto the Nepean Highway. We then made a dash for Frankston where a few of us took on the additional challenge of climbing up Oliver’s Hill which is always a buzz especially on the downhill descent back towards Frankston.

We all met up at the Frankston Visitors Centre and we had a good healthy feed of fish and chips for lunch. Not really a good suggestion while doing a serious bike ride but these greasy tasty treats really hit the spot.

The weather was beginning to close in with some very dark clouds hovering above so we had a quick photo shoot near the beach before we remounted our stretched limos and made our way back to Caulfield after a brief stop at Mordialloc. 

It was Aaron and Ranjesh who set the pace on the return journey with Tim and me struggling to keep up with them but we took a short cut in Elwood which put us in front of this dynamic duo before we reached our final destination at Caulfield station.

This was a real solid workout and yours truly was beginning to feel the effects by the time we completed this ride.

Simon was suffering from a very bad headache when we stopped at Mordialloc on the way back so he and Rocky decided to bail and get the train back to Caulfield.

We didn’t have any mechanicals or punctures on this ride which was a real blessing.

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteer captains who piloted the tandem bikes for us on this training ride. These guys do an outstanding job giving up their valuable time on weekends and also occasionally during the week so that us blind/vision impaired persons can have the opportunity to go cycling.

Happy Cycling, Peter Fletcher


Caulfield Railway Station to Chelsea and Back

Saturday 13 June 2015

It was a rather chilly start to the morning when four tandem bike tams met up at Caulfield railway station and prepared for a 60 km training ride down to Chelsea.

The four tandem bike teams comprised of Bob McPherson (Captain) with Michael Fogarty (Stoker), Aaron McGowan (Captain) with Moiz  Uddin Siddiqui (Stoker), Warwick Padey (Captain) with Rocky Berlingeri (Stoker) and Simon White (Captain) with [me] Peter Fletcher (Stoker)

This was our first time to meet at this location so I was not too sure how to negotiate our way to Beach Road so Warwick led the way and we were soon on Beach Road at Elwood which was about 7 km from our starting point.

It didn’t take us too long before we warmed up and hit our straps on our way to our first stop at Tour de Café at Mordialloc.   We were making great time and really getting into it. However, Warwick and Rocky came to a sudden stop near Ricketts Point when the rear tyre on Rocky’s tandem decided to begin to disintegrate which caused the tube to puncture. Not realizing that the tyre caused the puncture, the boys replaced the tube and then found they didn’t have a pump. Not to worry because they only had to flag down one of the other many cyclists passing by who came to their rescue.   

Having repaired the puncture this fearsome tandem team were back in the saddle and burning up the bitumen again but unfortunately not for too long because their rear tyre went down again.  But a little luck was on their side this time because they were not too far away from Mordialloc and a Bike Shop.

So the boys had to dismount from their wounded two person machine and hoof it to the bike shop where Rocky had a new set of tyres and tubes fitted to his tandem.

Well, with this minor setback behind us it was time to climb back on board of trusty tandems and continue our ride at full steam ahead down to Chelsea along Station Road.  When we arrived at Chelsea we crossed the train line and made our way back to Mordialloc via the Nepean Hwy and then we swung back onto Beach Road at Mordialloc for the run back to Caulfield Station. The return leg of our journey went without any further incidents which was great.

All of our tandem crews did a splendid job and we are on track with our training program and ready to increase or distance out to 100 km for our next training ride.

So our next training ride will be to Frankston and back. We will be meeting at the same location next Saturday at the same time of 10:00 am.

Thank you to our absolutely fabulous tandem bike captains for piloting the tandems for us guys.


City to Mordialloc and Back

Saturday 6 June 2015

Heidi Lewington (Stoker) Aaron McGowan (Captain) 

It was an overcast and coolish morning when three tandem bike teams set out on the first of a series of training rides in preparation for some endurance events throughout the year. We were joined by two other cyclists on single bikes

The tandem teams were Aaron McGowan (Captain) with Heidi Lewington (Stoker), Bob McPherson (Captain) with Michael Fogarty (Stoker) and Warwick Padey (Captain) with [me] Peter Fletcher (Stoker).

One of the cyclists on a single bike was Aaron’s wife who did a sterling job keeping up with us and blowing us away at times.

They were ripping up the tram tracks in Swanston Street and St.Kilda Road which did not interfere with our ride but they were definitely making heaps of noise.

Well, we took the usual route down to Beaconsfield Parade via Dorcas Street and Pickle Street. Bob and Michael were leading the way and setting a reasonable pace until we reached a few hills that seemed to knock the wind out of their sails so we overtook them and slightly increased the pace down to Mordialloc.

We all made to the Tour de café without any problems and after a short break we jumped back on board our trusty two people machines and made our way back to the city. On our way back we increased our pace and after a short stopover in Black Rock for Heidi we carried on to Federation Square were we made some plans for our next training ride and said our goodbye.

Bob and Michael had gone directly to Southern Cross station to avoid all the congestion around Fed Square.

Summarising this ride it would appear that we all have no trouble completing 60 km and I would imagine that we would all have no worries about tackling a 100 km ride. Aaron and Heidi had not done too much cycling lately but they did an awesome job maintaining a great pace on this training ride.   

A huge thank you to our wonderful volunteer captains for piloting the tandem bikes.

At the moment we have three tandem bike teams who are going to take on the 210 km Around the Bay ride with another team member keen to do the ride if he can find a volunteer captain.

Tandem Bike Victoria will be riding in the Around the Bay event as part of the Toyota Australia Cycling Team.

Our next training ride will be on Saturday 13 June 2015, starting at the Caulfield Railway Station at 10:00 am.

We will be meeting up in front of the station opposite the Caulfield Racecourse.

We will be doing another 60+ km ride down Beach Road and Nepean Hwy to Chelsea and back to Caulfield Station. 

It would be great to see some more tandem bike teams join us on this training ride and also join us in the ATB 210 km ride in October.


Next Tandem Bike Ride

2015 Around The Bay 
Tandem Bike Training Ride 5

Tandem bike cyclists are invited to join us on our 5th tandem bike training ride in preparation for our assault on the Around The Bay 210 km Anti-clockwise event on 11 October 2015.

We will be meeting at the Caulfield Racecourse side of Caulfield Railway Station on Saturday 4 July 2015, at 9:00 am. 

We will then make our way to Beach Road Elwood and then ride on to our first scheduled stop at the Tour de Cafe in Mordialloc for a short break before proceeding on to Mornington for a lunch at a bakery.

After lunch we will head back to Caulfield railway station via the Nepean Hwy and Beach Road. This will roughly be about a 120 km round trip.

We have a number of other blind/vision impaired Stokers who are looking for a Captain to pilot a tandem bike for them on this ride.

If you would like to join us on this ride as a volunteer captain or as a stoker, please contact me on 047 848 181 or by email at: tandembikevictoria@gmail.com

Coming Events

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Tandem Bike Victoria Partnerships 
Tandem Bike Victoria is pleased to announce that Melbourne Cycling and YHA Cycling are both tandem bike friendly and are also inclusive to people with blindness and low vision. These organisations welcome people with blindness and low vision to join them on various rides compatible with tandem bikes.
You can access the Melbourne Cycling website by clicking here to view current and future rides and events.
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