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The SLOG 80 km Course

Saturday 25 July 2015

 The weather forecast for Gippsland for this day was not looking too flash but we decided to give this ride a crack anyhow.

The day started out looking okay and the trains were running on time which was a blessing after last week’s public transport debacle. I met up with Rocky on the train and when we arrived at Pakenham we met up with Peter Howell and Josh in the station car park.

Josh was busy assembling his recumbent tandem bike which was proudly displaying a brand new set of tires

After making a few last minute adjustments to our trusty two person bicycles it was time to set off on our way around the SLOG 80 km course.

We only had two tandem bike teams on this ride who were:

1.   Josh Scott-Jouir (Captain) with Rocky Berlingeri (Stoker)

2.   Peter Howell (Captain) with Peter Fletcher (Stoker)

This was the first time that we were going to tackle this course and I was not too sure of the correct route but fortunately, Josh had printed the map and he kindly navigated our way around the quiet country roads of Gippsland.

Well there was a fair amount of blue skies above us but there were almost Gail force winds which were somewhat chilly but at least there was no rain in sight. Our first stop was meant to be at Bayles but we were running behind schedule because of the very strong winds so we decided to soldier on to Longwarry for lunch.

When we arrived at Modella we came across the start of a cycle road race around a 98 km course with about 200 cyclists competing in this event that was due to start at 1:30 pm.  We asked if it was too late for us to register for this race and they told us that we would be welcome to join them. However, these guys looked very professional and serious cyclists on really flash road bikes so we decided that we would pass on the invite to join them.

So off we went to Longwarry where we made a B-line for the local pub for lunch. Peter H got stuck into a rather nice looking Pasta dish, Josh and Rocky got their daily dose of Omega 3 with a feed of Fish and Chips while yours truly set about demolishing a gigantic Chicken Parma with chips and veggies.

It was warm and comfortable inside the pub so it was tad difficult to get motivated to return to the great outdoors again after we had finished our lunch. However, we eventually braved the cold wind and remounted our trusty tandems again and made our way to Bunyip where we turned left onto Bunyip River Road towards Koo Wee Rup North until we reached Seven Mile Road where we made a right turn and headed for Bald Hill Road where we turned left and rode to the SLOG start/finish line and then onto the Pakenham station car park to complete our ride.


This was actually a 91 km ride because of the distance from Pakenham station to the SLOG start/finish line.

Although this was a relatively short ride on the flat, it was one of the toughest rides that I have done for a while because of the very cold and strong winds. We were all very happy to be back at Pakenham.

Having said that, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I am sure that we all got some real benefit out of this training ride.

 Story by: Peter Fletcher


Geelong to Queenscliff and Back

Sunday 19 July 2015

It was a rather chilly morning with the temperature sitting on 0c degrees but at least there was no rain in sight.

This day started out looking good after I had made a mad dash to Springvale station and made in time to catch the train which was due at 7:51 am.

However, the dam train was running more than twelve minutes and to top it off they decided to run this train directly to Flinders Street station instead of going through the Loop to Southern Cross station which is where I had to be at 8:30 am. So when I arrived at Flinders Street station I met up with Rocky who was on the same train as me. We only had ten minutes to get from Flinders Street to Southern Cross station in time to catch the 9:00 am Geelong train.

We found that the next train to Southern Cross station was going to be at 9:09 am so we decided to quickly ride the tandem from Flinders Street station to Southern Cross station and even after having to stop for red traffic lights at every intersection, we still managed to make in time before the Geelong train departed.

Well, after loading my tandem bike onto the train Rocky and I caught up with the rest of our group who were also doing this training ride.

 The tandem teams on this training ride were:

1.   Josh Scott-Jouir (Captain) with Rocky Berlingeri (Stoker)

2.   Bob McPherson (Captain) with Michael Fogarty (Stoker)

3.   Simon White (Captain) with Peter Fletcher (Stoker)

4.   Maree Collie (Captain) with Barry Bailey (Stoker)

5.   Peter Howell (Captain) with Ranjesh Prakash (Stoker)

Maree Collie, Peter Howell anBarry Bailey joined the 2015 Around The Bay Tandem Bike Training Group for the first time as volunteer captains. Welcome Maree, Peter and Barry.

We also had Louise (Josh’s partner) join us on her single bike for the first time. Josh and Louise met us at Geelong station. Welcome Louise.

The train trip to Geelong was rather pleasant and on arrival at Geelong we prepared our bikes and ourselves for the ride down to Queenscliff.

The ride between Geelong and Queenscliff was un-eventful but very enjoyable with the group sticking together with Bob ad Michael out in front leading the way and setting the pace. Yours truly with Simon were doing the tail end Charlie bit at the rear of the group. I must say that it was so good to have so many tandems on this training ride.

Well, we arrived in Queenscliff at around midday and made a B-line for the Rolling Pin Bakery for lunch. Josh and Louise had some very nice looking fish and chips for their lunch.

After lunch, we rode down to the Queenscliff pier to see the ferry that takes you across the bay to Sorrento but it had just departed. Anyhow we lined up for a photo shoot in the pier area before making our way to the Queenscliff historic railway station. We were in luck as there was a vintage steam train with a few vintage passenger carriages at the station. So we went and checked out the train while Josh was mending his first puncture for the day.

Maree was very interested in the steam engine and she was asking the loco driver many questions about all the bits and pieces inside the drivers cab. After topping up with water, the train departed the station with the sound of its whistle which sounded great.

The group decided that they would like to ride back to Geelong via the Bellarine Rail Trail rather than cycling back along the Bellarine Highway. So off we went along the rail trail which had a few bollards placed at road intersections and unfortunately Peter H didn’t make a wide enough turn at one of them which caused Ranjesh to have a minor come together with a bollard. Luckily there was no serious damage done. Simon and I also had a minor incident with a bollard but no damage sustained by rider or bike.

The trail surface was in reasonable condition given all the rain that we had during the previous weekend so it was quite good to ride on. There was some nice scenery along the way and having a clear blue sky really set the scene for an enjoyable ride.

However, Josh’s rear tire on his recumbent tandem did not like the gravel trail surface and he picked up another puncture. The group stopped at the historic Drysdale Railway station and checked out the surroundings while we waited for Josh and Rocky to catch up with us again.

It was not too long before Josh and Rocky arrived and we were back on board our tandems again making our way back to Geelong along the rail trail. We eventually arrived at South Geelong railway station but we decided to carry on to Geelong station to catch the train because Josh had his car parked in the Geelong station carpark.

Well, we did not really know our way to the Geelong station but we tried to follow the train line the best that we could and we somehow managed to find the station. Then the fun started.

Bob had lost sight of the group so he decided to catch the train at South Geelong and he met up with the Melbourne Cycling Group who were also boarding the train at South Geelong. Bob told us that there were only four bikes in the group so I thought that we would have no trouble getting our tandems on the velocity train.

However, when the velocity train pulled into the Geelong station the conductor told us that there was insufficient room on the train for our four tandem bikes. But somehow Peter Howell managed to get his tandem on the train. So that left still two tandems and five members of our group standing on the platform when the train departed.

Well, us stranded cyclists had to wait for an hour for the next rain to arrive and it was getting rather cold so we took refuge in the warm station waiting room. 

It was such a relief when the Melbourne bound velocity train pulled into the Geelong station and we could see that there was a space for us to stow our two tandem bike on board this train. With our tandems and ourselves on board this train we were very happily on our way back to Southern Cross station.

Unfortunately, the fun had not ended for Rocky and me because when the train arrived back in Melbourne we had to make our way to platform 12 to catch a Pakenham train back home. Well, there did not appear to be anymore Pakenham trains leaving Southern Cross station so we took a Frankston train to Flinders Street station to get a Pakenham train.

When we first arrived at this station there were not many people on the platform so I was happy that we would have no trouble getting the tandem bike on the train. Well, by the time the train pulled into the station the platform had filled up with the football crowd and there was no room for my tandem bike in the carriages close to us.. I made a quick dash to the front of the train and managed to squeeze the tandem in amongst the crowd.

This day was not a good experience for me using the public transport system.

In contrast, this was a fantastic day out on the tandem bike. Although the temperature was a tad chilly we had a clear blue sky with lots of sunshine. We soon got warmed up on the bikes and some of us had to peel off a few layers along the way.


This was an awesome day out on our bicycles built for two with a great bunch of cyclists.

It was a very enjoyable ride from Geelong to Queenscliff and then back to Geelong on the Bellarine Rail Trail.

Thank you to all who came along and helped to make this a truly great occasion.  Thank you to our sensational volunteer captains who did an outstanding job of piloting the tandem bikes for us on the day.

A special mention to Maree Collie and Peter Howell who did a fabulous job as captains and I hope that they will be able to join us on future tandem bike rides.


Story by: Peter Fletcher

Next Tandem Bike Ride
2015 Around The Bay Tandem bike Training Ride 9

City to Mornington and Back

Saturday 1 August 2015

 Tandem Bike cyclists are invited to join us on our 9th tandem bike training ride in preparation for our assault on the Around The Bay 210 km Anti-clockwise event on 11 October 2015. 

We will be meeting at the Federation Square Visitors Centre on the corner Flinders and Swanston Streets Melbourne at 9:00 am

We will then make our way to Beach Road and then ride on to our first scheduled stop the Tour de Cafe in Mordialloc for a short break before proceeding on to Mornington for a lunch break.

After lunch we will head back to Federation Square via the Nepean Hyw and Beach Road. This will roughly be about a 120 km round trip.

Distance: Approx 120 km

Type of Bike: A Tandem Bike in good working order.

Speed: 20 kph to 25+ kph

Equipment: Approved Bike Helmet, Spare Tube, Puncture Repair Kit, Pump, Tools etc.

What to Bring: Water, Food for lunch and snack or money for food and drinks

Disclaimer: The standard Tandem Bike Victoria disclaimer applies and all cyclists who take part in this event do so at their own risk. (Please refer to our website for details)

If you would like to join us on this ride as a volunteer captain or as a stoker, please indicate by contacting me on 047 848 181 or by email at: tandembikevictoria@gmail.com

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