Smart and Sustainable Construction (SSC) Research Group directed by Dr. Changbum R. Ahn focuses on data-driven techniques and smart-sensing technologies for analyzing and identifying humans’ collective behavior patterns derived from wearable sensors and/or crowdsourced dataset, in order to design and build (1) safe construction workplaces, (2) smart and connected urban communities, and (3) intelligent and energy-efficient building systems


    • June, 2019 - Conference paper by Kim, J., Yadav, M., Ahn, C. R., Chaspari, T. won the best paper award at the 2019 ASCE International Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering held at Georgia Institute of Technology. The title of the paper is “Saliency Detection Analysis of Pedestrians' Physiological Response to Assess Adverse Built Environment Features.”
    • June, 2019 - Dr. Ahn's research project, Digital Twin City for Age-friendly Communities: Crowd-biosensing of Environmental Distress for Older Adults, is chosen to be funded by the Texas A&M X-Grants program.
    • April, 2019 - We took a group photo. Also, a new member joined to our group in this semester. Welcome Bogyeong!
    • April, 2019 - Dr. Ahn received Scholarly Activities and Research Award from the Department of Construction Science
    • April, 2019 - Houtan (Almuni) joined the Department of Architectural Engineering at Penn State as an Assistant Professor. Congratulations!
    • April, 2019 - Journal paper by Shi, Y., Du, J., Ahn, C.R., and Ragan, E. "Impact Assessment of Reinforced Learning Methods on Construction Workers’ Fall Risk Behaviors Using Virtual Reality." accepted by Automation in Construction.
    • March, 2019 - Kanghyeok (Alumni) joined the department of architectural engineering in Chonnam National University as an assistant professor. Congratulations!
    • March, 2019 - Journal paper by Hoonyong Lee, Changbum R Ahn, Nakjung Choi, Toseung Kim, and Hyunsoo Lee on "The Effects of Housing Environments on the Performance of Activity-Recognition Systems Using Wi-Fi Channel State Information: An Exploratory Study." published by Sensors, MDPI.
    • Feb, 2019 - Journal paper by Ahn, C. R., Lee, S., Sun, C., Jebelli, H., Yang, K., Choi, B. on "Review of Wearable Sensing Technology Applications in Construction Safety and Health." accepted by of Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE.
    • Feb, 2019 - Journal paper by Szamocki, N., Kim, M., Ahn, C. R., Brilakis, I. on “Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emission of Construction Equipment at Construction Sites: A Field Study Approach.” accepted by Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE.
    • Feb, 2019 - Journal paper by Jinwoo Kim, Changbum R Ahn, and Yunwoo Nam on "The Influence of Built Environment Features on Crowdsourced Physiological Responses of Pedestrians in Neighborhoods." accepted by Computers, Environment and Urban System, Elsevier.
    • Jan, 2019 - Journal paper by Lee, B., Lee, H., Park, M., Ahn, C. R., Choi, N., and Kim, T. on Using Multiple Sequence Alignment to Extract Daily Activity Routines of the Elderly Living Alone.” accepted by Advanced in Computational Design, Advances in Computational Modelling and Data Analytics for Civil and Building Engineering.
    • Jan, 2019 - Journal paper by Yang, K., Ahn, C. R., & Kim, H. on "Validating ambulatory gait assessment technique for hazard sensing in construction environments." accepted by Automation in Construction, Elsevier.