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I decided to take on building a head cab for the 18 watt.

It's now completed.

The Front panel is going to be plexi-style and is being made in Md. now. 

I made a last minute decision to remove the the Power and Standby switches to the face. Once the faceplate arrives, I'll cut the new holes so there will be Power, Standby and Indicator, all on the front left.




Head Cab2.JPG

Head Cab3.JPG




*    *    *

New Cab Tolexed.JPG

New Cab Tolexed2.JPG

Tolexed Rear.JPG

Tolexed '40s Warning Plate.JPG

Tolexed With Logo.JPG

*    *    *

Completed JA-TMB 18w No Logo.JPG 

Completed JA-TMB 18w With Logo.JPG

JA-TMB 18w Front Plate.JPG