Kimball Model 285 Donor Organ

I found this Great organ on the sidewalk in a small city nearby. It was huge...

a passerby told me (as I gutted it with a swiss army knife) that it had belonged to a church.

This amp carries a 12AX7 and 12AT7 into two EL84s, and uses a 5y3 rectifier.

This next piece is self-explanatory.

Finally, this little gem has a 12AX7 into a 6L6GC and uses a 5Y4GT rectifier.

All of this out of one discarded organ. Oh, I got a great-sounding 15 inch and 8 inch speaker out of it too. I saved a bunch of solid brass screws that had to come out for me to get into the organ, but I wish I had also taken the back and top of the organ, which were beautiful, thick cherry or mahogany. Oh well, considering all I had was a swiss army knife, I did O.K. Now all I have to do is find the time to turn all of this into guitar amplifier stuff.