Outdoor facilities

Access the ground via "Salhohjankatu", i.e. "Sampola Library" carpark. - reservation calendar

i.e. Bus: Reittiopas

Sorsapuiston kenttä

And just in case the Googlemaps doesn't work, the Sorsapuisto ground is HERE (paikkatietoikkuna).

- from "Railway station", from "Bus station", from Hervanta

Indoor training

Currently: Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) (Kuntokatu 3)
(Bus from Keskustori, from Hervanta )

Normally: Hatanpääkoulu (Haapakuja 20) - reservation calendar
(Bus from Keskustori, from Hervanta )

Occasionally: Pohjois Hervannan koulu (Opiskelijankatu 29)
(Bus from Keskustori)

General travel/map info

National journey planner

All the major cricket locations in Finland (uses GoogleEarth).

Route calculator: HERE.COM [former OviMaps (i.e. Map24)] (Destination = "Salhojankatu 39, Tampere")

Aerial photos of Tampere region