We are grateful for ongoing support from Tampere City Sports Services !

Especially for providing nets to our specifications since 2007 !

And the shared bowling machine in 2017 !

Cricket nets !

Sponsor 2018:


Interested sponsors should contact us !!!




We are grateful for support from "Suomalais-pakistanilainen kulttuuriyhdistys" in 2017.

Domiciled in Tampere, the FinnPak cultural association is "keen to promote multicultural activities through sports and cultural exchange among different ethnicities in Tampere. The main objective of our activities is to promote ethnic harmony and combat discriminative attitudes in our town. We believe that sports activities are one of the best way to achieve these objectives. We are aware of the fact that your club had been doing great work in this regard by providing an equal opportunity to a healthy activity and inclusiveness. We believe that a multicultural sports club like TreCC is a natural partner for our association’s objectives."



Our former sponsors include:

  • Tampere University of Technology - 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
    Tampere University of Technology is Finland's second-largest university in engineering sciences.
    The university is located in Hervanta, a suburb of Tampere.
    Korkeakoulunkatu 10, 33720 TAMPERE


  • Onnenpäivä Ravintola - 2003
  • Roseanne's Pub - 2002
    Ankkarinraitti 2, 33560 TAMPERE
    040 061 4374
  • Aryana Ravintola - 2001
    Afganistanilainen Ravintola
    Kangasala, (03) 3792 550

  • ilty Engineering - 2001
    Tampere, 050 560 3801

  • Café Wanha Wärjäämö - 2001
    Verkatehtaankatu 2
    Tampere, (03) 225 1430