TreCC - Membership fees (2019)

Members are welcome to participate at all training (indoor/outdoor), social/friendly matches, and all other TreCC events.

Instalment types:

  1. TreCC Membership: 45 EUR
    (<18 at 1.1.2020) = 25 EUR
    (<12 at 1.1.2020) = 10 EUR

  2. CF SuomiSport registration:
    1. Adult league -license: 47 EUR
    2. Hobby-license: 10 EUR
    3. Hard tennis-ball license: 5 EUR

  3. CF League fees: 45 EUR (to be confirmed)

  4. Match fees: 10 EUR (SM40) / 5 EUR (T20)
    (12th man - none!))

Note 1: Tampere CC enforces a "no-pay, no-play" policy.

Note 2: All players must be registered by April 23.
(cf. SuomiSport - Register here, NB. in Finnish only)

Note 3: SuomiSport Insurance is also available.

Contact us for more information...

- Equipment rental fees (from May 2018)

Unlike in earlier years, no FCA league matches (involving Vaasa CC) have again been specifically been scheduled to take place in Tampere in 2014. But we understand that this is still an option - if the teams agree. In order to assist the travelling teams, Tampere CC has agreed to make available a selection of their (ground) equipment for use by the visiting teams, for a nominal fee (30 EUR/day). The assigned "Home team" can pay this amount directly to the Tampere CC representative at the ground, or by bank transfer to the account shown above.

We trust that the equipment and facilities will be looked after as you would look after your own... well, in fact, better than that !

Please inform us about any damaged equipment asap, so we can rectify the situation. Also, suggestions are welcome too... let us know what is needed, so we can continue to provide you with the most appropriate facilities.

Note: SuomiSport registration fee is compulsory
for all club members.

License valid until the end of 2019 !

Instructions from: English guide (to SuomiSport) and...

 - NORDEA Bank

IBAN: FI65 1439 3500 2699 42

Note: please include a good description of the transaction.

We accept* sports vouchers:

1. Smartum - we are HERE ! (SmartumPolku)

2. TYKY - we are HERE !

3. ePassi - we are HERE ! (Services page) -
Tampere Cricket Club ry (47548)

* as a means of payment for membership and other event fees.

Note: The fees are non-refundable.