A variety of equipment is at the disposal of TreCC members... both indoor and outdoors, for training and matches. We have quite good facilities at hand as well - toilets, changing rooms, nets, and are able to use a line-marking machine (Tampere City Sports Department). We also have our own microwave ovens (for reheating food), water boiler, tables, etc.

We aim to replace/repair/upgrade our playing equipment at least on an annual basis, but encourage our regular members to purchase their own kit... and especially they will require "whites" in order to play in the FCA league.

An annual order (Readers & Kookaburra) is usually arranged through the FCA (typically in February-March) and this usually arrives before the outdoor season commences. TreCC will be happy to order equipment for its members.

TreCC only keeps very limited stock of equipment, but please contact us if you need anything - you just might be in luck !!!

For example, we sometimes sell (at near TreCC cost!) extra batting pads, batting gloves, abdo-guards ("boxes"), and other protective equipment, and wicket-keeping inners, etc. We may on the occasion have bats, whites (shirts & trousers), and also even some second-hand items pop up sometimes !

Just contact us !