"KidsCricket" - Tampere Camp

We welcome all youngsters to our first ever Cricket Camp !

When ?   ---   MONDAY, JUNE 3, 2019

One whole day: 10:00 - 17:00

Where ?      ---     Hervanta, Tampere (more details soon)

Cost      ---     25 EUR

KidsCricket Camp

"KidsCricket" - youth programme

We welcome youngsters to our club, and also offer "Introductory cricket coaching - for kids!".

We first held an 8-week KidsCricket -clinic (after also 6 intro sessions!) in Spring 2017,
and in Spring 2018 arranged a 7-week follow-up clinic.

And we've been arranging "open sessions" for all kids, and especially the core group ever since. :-)

As part of the HLU Sporttikortti initiative (sign up HERE), we've been having regular KidsCricket
outdoor net sessions all summer - especially making use of the BOLA bowling machine.

We're now in the process of deciding what activities to focus on next...

See also the calendar below !

Feedback on the course:

"Our boy really enjoyed the course, and we look forward to more such sessions." - P.H. 12.5.17

"I had a good time and learned a lot about cricket." - O.O. 14.6.17

Olemme erittäin tyytyväisiä kurssiin. Lapseni tykkäsi käydä ja innostui kriketistä kovasti. ohjaajat olivat asiantuntevia ja osasivat ottaa jokaisen lapsen yksilönä ja innostaa heitä hienosti." - T.H. 16.6.17

"The kids' course was well organized and it was easy to see the participants enjoyed themselves. The atmosphere was encouraging and learning was fun. ... If there are any plans for similar courses/training in the future, we'd be interested in taking part. Matches with other kids' groups would be interesting at some point..." - N.P. 18.6.17

We have coaches/members with experience in presenting about cricket and working with youngsters.


KidsCricket -course

Note: See also our page for coaching and development and our local development history.

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Note: All our activities, by year - here.

First taste of pairs cricket
Photo: Muneeb Ul-Haq